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Who do you think should retire from music

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OK, enough is enough, who do you think should stop making a fool of themselves and pack it all in!


'Start Me Up' sang Mick Jagger in 1981, (he's now 65).

Are 66 year old Paul McCartney's troubles still so far away, or can't he remember that far back?


Should Madonna be dressing like an 18 year-old?


Will Michael Jackson ever 'Beat It?'


Is Elton John 'Still Standing?'


'Yeah, I hope I die before I get old' sang The Who.


To vote for who you think should retire

go to http://www.thisdayinmusic.com



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[sputtering in protest] Are you saying there should be rock 'n roll euthanasia? What are the qualifications? Gotta admit it's a new field of thought, but, once again, who plays God and puts the arsenic on the pizza? I get probably more kick out of the Stones today than ever!

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As Iggy says....


I got nothin to eat in this old house

I gotta go out and catch a mouse

I can't be wrong so I gotta be right

It's eat or be eaten

Something's hungry like a hunter

And it's probing like a fingerrr

As the drumbeat keeps things hurrying

That's the part that's so appealing

It's the beat that dominates

Each breath you draw

Each step you take

Strike or be stncken

Eat or be eaten yum yum yum yum

Eat or be eaten


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Hard for me to say this but I wish Elvis Costello would retire. His first three albums (and assorted bits from his middle period) remain among my all-time favorite records but it's hard now to listen even to his best stuff without thinking about his limitations.

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You just leave Leonard Cohen be. He's new to ME.

Canadian kids study Cohen poems in school (at least they did back when I went to school -- I remember writing a paper on "You Have The Lovers"), so I have a hard time getting my head around his being new to anyone! :)

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Gary Fucking Glitter


On 25 June 2008 the Daily Telegraph reported that Gary Glitter plans to record a new album on his prison release. He is quoted as saying "I have an incomplete album that I want to finish. I have been thinking about the plan during my days in jail, I have sung rock'n'roll for forty years. After jail, I will continue to rock'n'roll.
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