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farnsworth house

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a couple weeks ago i went to mies van der rohe's farnsworth house in plano il. it's about 65 miles southwest of chicago on the the fox river. if you go give yourself 2 hours because you will get lost, like i did.


it's a ten minute walk from the welcome center to the house, we saw a doe and 2 fawns along the way.


the front of the house. most pictures of the house show the back, probably because of the old sugar maple (it's hurtin') in front of the house.



i really really really want to have a party on this porch (it's travertine.)



how did i get a hot date like this?



no pictures allowed on the inside, this is the best i have.



a picture of the bedroom from the east.



the docent was very knowledgeable. the furniture inside is mostly mies reproductions and some original works by one of his students. i believe most of it was purchased by lord palumbo, who owned the house for 20 some years after dr. farnsworth sold it.


i'm glad this house remained where it is, it was going to be moved to the (l)east coast before landmarks illinois purchased it a few years ago. the tour is $20. there was a grey line tour which came in when we were done but it was a lot of people.


after the tour we had a picnic at silver springs state park (right across for river), then went to a cool bar in yorkville (kendall inn), and ended up at the riverboat in aurora where i won $70. it was a good day.

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