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Perth dwellers?

Guest Annie

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I'm going to visit Perth next week. Have been there before but don't have any favourite places yet. Would love to know favourite restaurants of Perth dwellers? or anything else particularly that I should do while I'm there?


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I asked my Aussie coworker and he recommended checking out Little Creatures Brweery. Website here He said that Freemantle in general is worth checking out, it is the city immediately south of Perth along the water. Apparently there are lots of nice little places to eat and drink and it is quite windy.

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Little Creatures is well worth a visit, you have to take a 30-40minute journey to Freo from Perth. Also, non food related, head out to Rottnest island for the day.


The hotel on the edge of Cottsloe Beach is a good place to have a cocktail and watch the sun go down.


The food in Perth is hardly memorable, but there are some decent Vietnamese places in Northbridge (just North of the CBD)


Do take time to walk in King's Park. The Botanical Gardens there are lovely


hope this helps


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Thanks for the tips, I had such a great holiday. My partner and I are actually thinking of moving to Perth now! Fremantle is great, it has a great feel, doesn't it? And I have been to the Indianna tearooms at Cottsloe beach before...I just love the decor and the view. I am seriously thinking about a sea change...

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