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I have an ugly table but I want to make it beautiful. I don't want to spend much money, and am happy to do a slap up job, because the table was free and it doesn't have to last me years. Usually I'm a perfectionist but I know if I have that in my head then I will never get around to doing this project. It's a small round bar table.

Does anyone have quick instructions for mosaicing (verb?)?

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Is this a table you are going to keep inside or out? I learned a sad lesson years ago that despite covering an outside table in mosaic, that it was NOT waterproof. Having been rained upon, the water seeped through the grout, rotted the wood, and the whole thing fell apart...


Other than that, you just take your tiles of choice, cover with a rag, and break apart with a hammer. Do a rough sand on the table and play with your shards into a configuration or design that makes you happy. Mix up your grout of choice (you can use colored grout to make it interesting) and lay down a relatively thick layer (less than 1/4"). Lay down your pieces, fill with grout, wipe away excess, and let dry.

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