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The surrealism of everyday life

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We have threads for annoyances and what made us cheerful, but then there's those weird things that happen.....   My workplace is particularly fertile ground for the surreal. 2 current examples:

Yeah, me too.   As soon as I'm a real member, I'll upload a real avatar.   Or did you mean my sig?

You talkin' to me?

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That's not what we had.   Orange tinted early on, but it was the darkness that was mind-bending.   Like Paris at 10pm in June if you know that.   From 6am to 2pm when it started to get a little lighter.    We put out trash for pick up at 4pm while it was still "dusk".

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4 hours ago, StephanieL said:

The sky is ORANGE here, after having been yellow-orange yesterday.  It's dark and cool and scarily apocalyptic-looking outside.

Just seeing this on TV. Looks hellish. Be safe.

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So the guy who's coming to fix the electric seems to know his stuff, but is a bit....socially challenged.  I even had to ask him to put a mask on.  When I first saw him, I thought "that looks a lot like the weird guy who came by a few months ago to give us an estimate for the fence."  That guy I also had to ask to put on a mask, and he came about 15 minutes early (before N was done with her class) and generally did not impress me.  Well, the two of them have the same last name (a common one, admittedly) and nearly similar phone numbers.  If they turn out to be twin brothers....

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