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The surrealism of everyday life

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We have threads for annoyances and what made us cheerful, but then there's those weird things that happen.....   My workplace is particularly fertile ground for the surreal. 2 current examples:

Yeah, me too.   As soon as I'm a real member, I'll upload a real avatar.   Or did you mean my sig?

You talkin' to me?

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56 minutes ago, Wilfrid said:

I think we can all agree on one thing. ABBA are better than Jethro Tull.

Yes, but let's go off on a tangent:

I'd think its "Abba IS better..." (not ARE), as in "Jethro Tull is worse...".  It's a band, singular.  However, I cant convince myself that it would be "The Beach Boys IS better".  Similar conundrum with "the Beatles ARE...", but "Cream IS...".  Any clear correct answer to this?  

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This has been bothering me for years.

Whatever the answer is would be different in England, where collective nouns default to plural (“Apple are giving more latitude to third-party app designers”) rather than to singular, as in our usage  (“Apple is giving more latitude . . .”). 

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20 hours ago, Sneakeater said:

Wait since when do ABBA sing with pronounced Swedish accents?

They do. Quite strongly accented English.

The Rolling Stones are...

Pink Floyd is...

Einsturzende Neubauten (not sure...)

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