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The surrealism of everyday life

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Savon d'oursins verts [Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis]

The goal of this project is to combine salt preservation with aromas of sea water and a flavour close to umami. We produce fermentation enzymes using sea lyme grass in order to inoculate the urchin's gonads, which are then dried. The taste is subtle and the technique has a distant influence on the sea-and-protein balance of the soap.


A product available from Société-Orignal in Québec. Jason, can you bring some back so we can try to figure out whether it's for eating or washing? And if the latter, for washing what?:unsure:

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We have threads for annoyances and what made us cheerful, but then there's those weird things that happen.....   My workplace is particularly fertile ground for the surreal. 2 current examples:

Yeah, me too.   As soon as I'm a real member, I'll upload a real avatar.   Or did you mean my sig?

You talkin' to me?

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Todd Akin is a high school classmate of mine. Now even Leno knows his name. What a world.


Please tell me you did better in your science classes than he did :blink:

Oh yes indeed, much better.


I cringed when I remembered that he is home-schooling his kids.

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WHerever he got his ideas, it wasn't from our school, which was a small liberal-leaning private school. Perhaps he wasn't paying attention.

were you in special ed, by any chance?

We didn't have special ed classes cuz we wuz all so smart.

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My 79 year old mother joined Match.com.

Was that her I just asked out?


Are you calling my Mom a cougar? :lol:


This is a true quote from a board member I will not name:


"I was so surprised when I met Rich for the first time. He isn't that old. From his posts, I thought he must be around 90."

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