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I went here for the first time last night. I usually don't like super trendy places but I really did like Barolo, even though I did look out at McDonald's!


We started off with cocktails (a really well made Negroni for me) and for apps we had the octopus and the escargot. The octopus was waaay overdone and totally rubbery but the sauce they were in was wonderful for dipping the bread into. I didn't try the escargot but was told by the others that it was very good.


Next I had the fennel and greens salad with white truffle dressing. This salad was fantastic and I'm going to try and duplicate it at home. But it was huge - the size I make at home for an entree! I ate until I couldn't eat any more and there was still half of it left in the bowl. The other salad on the table was grilled romaine with a caesar dressing. I thought it was boring but the folks who had it liked it.


We shared the porcini tortellini with a truffle leek sauce and it was the best thing I've put in my mouth in ages. Really, really good. Next time I'll have one all to myself.


I had the osso buco with saffron risotto as my main and it was, again, fantastic. The risotto was very rich and sharp with parmesean. Other mains on the table were a rigatoni with lamb sauce (rich and deep flavors), rack of lamb which was clean and mineral-y and fettucine with braised rabbit that I thought was just okay but others liked it. We had a decently priced 2002 La Gode Brunello to drink.


We were too stuffed for dessert and I didn't even look at the selection.


The place is loud and had a party vibe to it - it was filled with well dressed twenty somethings. The service was good and our server scored points with us when he commiserated us about a large group nearby who kept singing an almost unidentifiable Happy Birthday to the guest of honor.

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Okay - this is why reviewers got to places multiple times. Last night I was back at Barolo with a some girlfriends and we had a totally different experience.


Everyone loved that the atmosphere was a cross between modern and traditional and that we were free to be as.......vivacious (loud) as we wanted without disturbing anyone.


There were 7 of us and we were going to order some apps to start but never landed on any from the list. Nothing screamed "must have" so we skipped it.


Everyone seemed to like their salads. I had the greens with fennel and white truffle dressing again - but this time I shared it with a couple people. There was the grilled romaine caeser and, what looked to be a caprese (I didn't hear what was ordered) on the table.


Two pairs of us decided to share an pasta and an entree while the remaining three ordered just an entree (or had a pasta as their entree). for the four of us who shared - the plated the pasta and main on the same plate. At first I was kind of put off by that but it worked out really well - timing wise. If only the food had been good! I shared the tortellini with porcini's and truffle leek sauce again but this time the pasta was super thick and underdone to the point of being crunchy. I also shared the rack of lamb. Mine was fine. Another order of the rack on the table was totally underdone. A couple people complained that their food was cold. The gnocci was gummy. The only true star on the table was the osso bucco. We had a very reasonably priced Sangiovese blend which was recommended by our waiter and loved by everyone.


We ordered a couple of desserts to share - one chocolate torte thing that everyone liked and one cheesecake which was served warm and totally weirded us all out. Warm cheesecake just doesn't seem right.


The place was packed the entire time we were there. Most were groups of women.

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Bummer that you had some poorly executed plates. We've been several times and have always been quite pleased. Perhaps there was a cook or 2 missing in the kitchen? Side note: One of my favorite childhood memories is that of the freshly baked cheesecake my mom would make. I couldn't wait to have a piece! As soon as it was set enough, she'd let me have a slice - warm. Yum!

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The wife and I went there last night for happy hour, which runs from 3 - 6:30. The tables outside were full so we took a table in the bar. Too bad the place wasn't one block farther north because I could have been looking out at Little Darlings instead of McDonalds. :lol:


We each started with a glass of the HH white, a wine of no great delivery so I didn't ask what it was. She had the Grilled Caesar Salad and I had the Hanger Steak with Barolo Sauce. Both were very good but the hanger steak was quite good; one of the better hangers I've had in this city. By this time I moved on to the HH red... Vintiano Umbria. It's a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese. This one delivered the goods and it was quite impressive for wine that's available for under $10 retail.


We then moved on to the Lamb Burger with Feta Cheese and that also was delicious. The french fries that came with it were spot-on terrific. I wanted to try the Rigatoni Pasta with Beef and Veal Ragu but we were both full. Next time...


We will definitely return. The bar menu is half price during happy hour. With 5 glasses of wine ($3.50 each) and 3 dishes we were out of there for under $50, including tip.

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I've done Barolo a couple times during Dine Around/25 for 25 type promotions and liked the food. Not well enough to pull me back to pay full-boat though. Happy hour sounds like a good option and its pretty convenient to my work.

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