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So many Exhibitions, So Little Time

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Suggest a thread to mention interesting exhibitions you mean to attend.   Philip Pearlstein's retrospective at Monclair Art Museum, till Feb 1, 2009.   will add more later

here too   definitely planning to go.  

The Wallace Gallery at Columbia U. has a small show of works by Edward Koren, one of the cartoonists at The New Yorker. Interesting to see his evolution - as a student at CU, Koren worked on the humo

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I’ve been working through my collection of art books, as another way of filling time. Of course, it makes me miss galleries, because while some beautifully produced catalogs really are a credible substitute for seeing works (Auerbach, for example), many aren’t.

Anyway, I have this hefty two volume Picasso which I’ve never thumbed through from beginning to end before. The effect of doing so is absolutely overwhelming. There are the famous works, sure, but there are hundreds of works one barely remembers or hasn’t seen which would be the masterpiece of any other modern artist.

This was one of those, oh he really was that good experiences. 

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Once a year, I'd jog through Greenpoint's light-industrial/trash-scape to see if my New Rochelle childhood home -- the houseboat that not even Lloyd's would insure -- is still moored, by the guy who bought it for a buck, on Newtown Creek near the Pulaski Bridge. I always loved the graffiti murals.

That's past my running range now. But as unfriendly aerosols go, those garbage scents are much safer than the crowds I hear about on the Battery Park City waterfront, my previous workout space. Or the maskless bikers and joggers on Prospect Park's loop, who usually keep us away from the park except for morning dog-walk hours.


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