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So many Exhibitions, So Little Time

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I just noticed there's a show at the Morgan Library that I will get to - Ray Johnson - I love his stuff, which I was introduced to by the late, great drawing collector, Wynn Kramarsky. (There was a family connection, as my cousin was his PA for many years, so I'd get the occasional tour of his private collection).

Also at the new International Center of Photography, William Klein.

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Suggest a thread to mention interesting exhibitions you mean to attend.   Philip Pearlstein's retrospective at Monclair Art Museum, till Feb 1, 2009.   will add more later

here too   definitely planning to go.  

The Wallace Gallery at Columbia U. has a small show of works by Edward Koren, one of the cartoonists at The New Yorker. Interesting to see his evolution - as a student at CU, Koren worked on the humo

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A very strong recommendation for the Jamel Shabazz retrospective at the Bronx Museum. Photos taken on the streets of the city over thirty years, from around 1980. People doing what they do, heavy lean towards youth and to Black and Latino communities. All the boros.

One fun thing to do is look at a group of photos from different years; usually it’s obvious the difference between 1985 and 2002, but I had some surprises.

This is a huge show, and it’s free. Through 9/4.

It’s a short walk from the Lorelei of course.



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Three good ones currently at Haus der Kunst: Fujiko Nakaya’s „Nebel Leben“ which is several installations producing fog as well as some meditative soundscapes. Below the building in the former air raid shelter, films are projected on the walls of the cells, this time from Tony Cokes, marking the 85th anniversary of the opening of the museum. „Dumb type“ a collective from Kyoto also have a couple of rooms. Really trippy stuff. 

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I had never been to Brooklyn Bridge Park before today. Came as something of a surprise.

Nice day for walking over the Bridge. Unfortunately everyone else had the same idea; as packed as the Charles Bridge in Prague, but rather longer.

I went to the park in search of some sculptures featured in this week’s New Yorker. 

By Leila’s Babyire, they were part of the “Black Atlantic” project, a small series of site-specific sculptures scattered around the park (one I couldn’t find).




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