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So many Exhibitions, So Little Time

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Suggest a thread to mention interesting exhibitions you mean to attend.   Philip Pearlstein's retrospective at Monclair Art Museum, till Feb 1, 2009.   will add more later

here too   definitely planning to go.  

The Wallace Gallery at Columbia U. has a small show of works by Edward Koren, one of the cartoonists at The New Yorker. Interesting to see his evolution - as a student at CU, Koren worked on the humo

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To MoMA for “The Red Studio” which closes soon. The titular painting is familiar of course. Part of the exhibit also displays the works pictured in that painting. Also enlightening is the other part of the exhibit which starts with the construction of the studio, then gives the history of the painting; I had forgotten that it hung at one time in a fancy nightclub in Soho.

But also I found a terrific canvas from Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park series hanging, I think, on the 3rd floor stairwell. How long has that been there?


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39 minutes ago, AaronS said:

dia:beacon has a lot of stuff that wasn’t up in 2019. 

There's also stuff that was there last year that's not there now. Was talking with a colleague who was the last weekend and we traded notes.

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8 hours ago, Wilfrid said:

That was good, although I know you know that already. 

So good I saw it twice.  This week, I really have to get to ICP to see the William Klein exhibit, which closes on the 12th. Found out that Thursday nights, between 6 PM and 9  PM, are their pay what you wish admission nights.

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I must have spent more time looking at The Red Studio than any other painting.  It's been a personal favorite since high school.

When I used to work in Midtown, I'd drop in to see it during lunch at least once a week.  Sometimes more.

So seeing that room with not only it but all the works depicted in it was like becoming reacquainted with a bunch of old friends.

Interestingly (to me if to no one else), I'd seen one of the constituent paintings -- Nude with a White Scarf -- in Copenhagen, but didn't realize it was in The Red Studio.

What was funny (to me if to no one else) is that, whenever I go to an exhibition at MoMA, I make it a practice to check in with The Red Studio on my way out.  I didn't have to do that this time.

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Impressed and moved by “Hear Me Now” at the Met, an exhibit of 19th century work by enslaved potters in South Carolina. Not only are the pots beautiful, but there’s an extensive set of “face vessels,” jugs and cups and similar with hand-moulded faces on the exterior.

On top of that, works by contemporary artists inspired by these amazing artefacts. Medium-small exhibit but worth a detour as they say.

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