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So many Exhibitions, So Little Time

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Suggest a thread to mention interesting exhibitions you mean to attend.   Philip Pearlstein's retrospective at Monclair Art Museum, till Feb 1, 2009.   will add more later

here too   definitely planning to go.  

The Wallace Gallery at Columbia U. has a small show of works by Edward Koren, one of the cartoonists at The New Yorker. Interesting to see his evolution - as a student at CU, Koren worked on the humo

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Probably  they teach them that France valiantly rebuffed the Nazis, too.

As we do every time we visit Paris, yesterday we visited what is one of the more depressing memorials/museums, just to remember and shed a tear or two.


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What’s amazing about Picasso is that there can be 10 simultaneous expos throughout the world focused on him … and none lack the seminal works necessary to delineate the intended theme of the expo … I don’t think that anyone compares at this level of extreme production and extreme “quality” 

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Une expo  extrêmement  triste … trop triste   pour des mots … je vous laisse avec que ces photos 🇦🇷… j’ai vu cette expo le soir de mon arrivée à Madrid (depuis Barca … Gresca, Alkimia (meilleur resto dans la ville IMNO) etc etc) et après mon dîner (triste, à cause du résultat du match, sans doute) chez Gofio … mais avec un vin heureux … bien sûr le Taganan d’Envinate … 











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Okay, done with lunch at Chispa Bistro (worth a visit … the somm is Isma who was the best somm that Nerua ever had … super nice guy) and off to get the latest update on Tesla at Caixa 

Feliz navidad ! 🎅 🎄 …  🕎  🥳

Last night was back to (the brand new) Umiko … the old Umiko is now Umikobake but hélas they don’t know how to make Mochi a la japonaise 🇯🇵 … so you all have been forewarned 

Last last night was back to living La Buena Vide followed by a midnight cocktail with Carlos at (the kinda dead) del Diego (cuz Gota shuts early … pathetic)

Last last last night was back in the Saddle again … and quite frankly, it might be my last time … but quite quite frankly I’ll probably stupidly go again and be disappointed again  and then say I’m totally absolutely done with this haute but not haute place … but the cheeses were good with my Vina Tondonia blanco 😀

Okay I really really really gotta go now … going to drop (by) Acid, get totally wired and then go experience our newly electrified world … 


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I'm off next week (we were unexpectedly given an additional three days). My plans are Alex Katz at the Guggenheim, Tudors at the Met, Mugler at Brooklyn, and Gates at the New Museum. I'll be cultured out by Friday night.

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I hope you love the Gates.

I picked up a copy of Brooklyn Rail and was captivated by the interview with Senegalese artist Omar Ba. In the inky print edition his works are reproduced in monochrome. On the website you can see the colors:


His show at the Baltimore Museum of Art opened shortly after I was there. But it runs through April so I am thinking of a brief spring visit with a reprise of my 2022 restaurant dinner of the year at Charleston.

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