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finally got around to authorizing my new macbook for itunes and downloaded a bunch of iphone apps. starting with the free ones. here's what i got so far:

Epocrates Rx: drug ID and interaction lookup service


Google Earth

i.TV: TV and movie guide can manage netflix account

Jott: voice translation to do lists

Mobile News: news aggregator


Shazam: song ID application

Where: service locator

Flashlight: it makes your iphone a flashlight

White Pages

Solitaire Free




what are your favorite apps? what can't you live without?

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I downloaded a ton of freebies and a few cheap apps when I first got the 2.0 update (even before the 3G arrived). I confess that I barely used most of them. :blush:


Freebies I use:


Google Earth





Some of the paid apps that I use:

Cocktails Quick reference to Cocktail DB. Handy. :)

Koi Pond Very soothing.




Has anyone downloaded any of the NYC subway apps?

City Transit NYC Subway Guide

iTrans NYC Subway

NYC Subway Maps


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I wound up getting iTrans NYC Subway, and found it to be fairly useful. The best thing about it is that it's available when you don't have a cell signal (say, when you're underground). :cool:


They're running a "Black Friday" special. Lots of apps are marked down today. Appshopper has a handy price reduction guide.

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I've been using iTv. Nice for local movie information and also tv, of course. I didn't realize I could also link it up to our netflix account.


I recently uploaded a free National Public Radio Tuner app which is nice. Gives you easy access to many NPR stations across the country.


My husband recently uploaded a college basketball app which is kind of nice at this time of year. You can choose the teams you want to follow and then have easy access to their schedule, standings, etc.

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why is NYTimes an app?


At least in theory, the NYT app is a little faster and more elegant than reading it in Safari. In practice, I find that to be the case mostly when browsing through the Times (as opposed to reading a linked article). Individual articles load fine in the NYT mobile setting; finding what you want to read there takes a little more time.


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i've had good luck with urban spoon. i also find the units app handy for converting recipes. mylite is good in dark restaurants. showtimes is handy for movies (uses gps to find which theaters are closest to you and lists films and showtimes). my wife loves koi pond. i find wordwarp to be a terrific time-waster when i'm on the train. i also like wikipanion for when i want to be a know-it-all.

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