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Taylor pork roll

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The Star-Ledger has a video celebrating this processed spiced pork loaf product. Breakfast of Champions, it's found in every NJ diner.   It's made by just two companies (Case and Taylor) in Trento

Hey pork and beef roolz. If Billy Joel thought that, it would be like the only thing I've ever agreed with him on.

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As someone who enjoys eating a good deal of it but didn't grow up on it and has no sentimental attachment to it, I'd say Taylor pork roll is what Canadian bacon would be if it were a low-quality (but appealing) processed commercial product.


I'm looking forward to some Jersey hipster's producing an artisanal version.

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Some places in NJ even have pork roll ice cream, with French toast & maple syrup.


"Before it gets mixed in with the ice cream, the Taylor ham is cooked in an oven and pan-fried to caramelize the meat, then it’s topped with cinnamon and sugar. Each two-gallon carton of ice cream will contain around two and a half pounds of crispy pork roll bits. This unusual specialty is part of an “Only in Jersey” line of products that will also feature blueberry-, sweet corn-, and “tomato pie”-flavored ice creams that will be available throughout the state this summer."



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Oh it is. But as a long time Dominican salami addict 🤷‍♂️

I chopped it into a duck egg omelette this morning. Only one slice left.

I have also been eating Zabar’s meatloaf so salt is coming out of my ears. Metaphorically.

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