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St. John, London

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You can't have a food forum without a St John thread, so here it is. And here is the link to the menu which is updated twice daily and has me crying at my desk.   v

That was the very first dish I ever ate at StJ. Ah memories ....

If it weren't for the good things I ate before the dessert, I'd agree B) It is quite definitely the only restaurant I know where there is always a dessert I shall look forward to.   v

prompted by the fair V, Robin and I headed to St J ce soir


We had to plead our way to a 6.45pm table and promise to have it back to tom by 9pm.


We went straigth to our table upon arrival and we were handed the menu by a young woman who was an exact doppelganger for Sophie Ellis Bexter.


After a few hits & misses, I am pleased to report that this was another excellent meal.


I began, of course, with the squirrel livers on toast. Pate to all intents and purposes and served with some sour cornishons. Very good indeed. Robin had a foie terrine which was expensive ( £8 ) but very very good.


Then to the main courses. We decided to share a course of claf's sweetbreads with fir apples and a special of braised shoulder of suckling kid with poached shallots. The kid was wonderful, if slightly over powered by the sweetness of the shallots


With this we drank a passable gigondas


We almost didn't have pudding, but Rob was taken with the stem ginger ice cream and I was then, obviously, forced to join him in a plate of forced rhubarb fool with honey brioche. Ah well, you just have to sometimes


Bill inc service which was slow tonight, was a not cheap £70 a pop, but for such experiences, money counts for little


Now I am home pondering on a 3am cab to the airport and watching Lindersfarne on a DVD of The Old Grey Whistle test





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Not nearly enough meat in Spain, so, before my chum heads home, we had supper at St J


Perhaps the best meal there ( excluding pig fests ) for a couple of years


A nostalgic glass of Manzanilla to begin, then to table


Starters of Dogfish ( the belly flaps of the shark we were told ) and salad and Crispy pig skin with cornichons. Both quite sublime.


Main courses of Oxtail and mash ( rich and meaty ) and chitterlings with dandelions ( perhaps my fave St J dish of all) perfect in every respect.


Puddings were the Eccles with Lancashire and the indescribably good forced rhubarb fool with brioche.


Bill for two with a decent bottle of something or other came to £95. A bit more than Spain, but worth every penny


As we were leaving, Tom offered us a glass of Vielle Prune from Fergus's special stash, a large bottle with the words Fergus: Keep Off written on it


While we were drinking this, Lee, the guy who now runs the bakery chatted to us and ended up bringing us a huge slap of the apple cake with jersey cream to eat with our stickies.


My friend liked St J. I don't blame them



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Salt lamb and caper sauce on the menu this evening :sob:



ah, maybe time to drop into my neighbourhood joint again. Must be almost a week since I went


Gloating glee



Harrumph :angry:



I may not though. You see the glory of living so close to St J is I can pop in or not as i please



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