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So I get a call yesterday afternoon that my boiler went out again. I get up to my house last night around 7 pm to find that my kitchen floor is an ice rink -- there's about 1/4 - 1/2 inch of ice. So I'm literally chipping it up and carrying it outside. But the floor looks ok. The furnace guy was kind enough to come by, and he gets the furnace running. All night the furnace and the sounds of all the melting snow on the roof and my transvestite ghost made so much noise and freaked me out that I didn't get to sleep until 4 am. The plumber woke me up at 8:30 banging on the door. Here's the summary: In the kitchen, there are two broken pipes under the sink, the pipe into the fridge for the ice maker is broken and the pipe into the dishwasher is broken. The water in the downstairs toilet froze solid and cracked the ceramic. In the upstairs bathroom, the drain under the vanity sink cracked and the shower head cracked. In the laundry room, the pipe split open and sprayed water everywhere. Luckily, there is nothing in there that got ruined. The plumber starts fixing stuff. And room by room, everything is slowly getting repaired. At 2:30 he has to go out pick up another part and I decide to go get a bite of lunch. I go out to my car and see that his van has slid a bit off the driveway and he's stuck about 1.5 feet of snow and ice. I try to drive around him with my 4-wheel drive Passat so I can pull him out, and I get stuck. Seriously. We're both trying to shovel out our cars for about 1/2 hour of freezing cold and sailor curses. I get my out and I go behind his van to try pushing and like an old hollywood movie, the spinning wheels spray mud all over me. Luckily some guy with a plow comes by and pulls the plumber's van out. I get my lunch, and when the plumber gets back, he tries to back down the driveway to make it easier to get out, AND HE GOES OFF AGAIN!. Luckily my neighbor, also a plow guy, is coming by and he pulls the plumber out. AGAIN. At 4 pm, the plumber is almost done in the laundry room, and I say, why don't you turn on the washing machine to check the connection just in case that cracked. He does, and there's only a trickle of water coming out. So I mention that I thought the pressure was also low in the kitchen sink. He goes down to the basement and says, "your pump isn't working." He's laughing, "I'm sorry, but I've never seen so many problems. The pump was fine an hour ago. But I just checked it and there's a short circuit. I don't know why you haven't put your fist through the wall yet."


So he's coming back tomorrow.


thank you for reminding me why I don't own a country house.




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According to my insurance claims woman, damage from the frozen pipes is covered, the furnace may be covered if the problem was not caused by regular wear-and-tear/lack of maintenance.

So, is it the consequential damage that's covered (the floor, for example) or the actual damage to the pipes?

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