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Thanks all. My house is definitely the talk of the neighborhood  :( . I can't remember how many times I've told the story in the last 36 hours.


This whole thing is going to be a royal pita. 


Not only does he not have insurance that will cover the damage, he is either renting, or his girlfriend is renting the house they are living in.


He had lots of (what I am guessing is not high quality) gold chains and diamonds. One neighbor says he is a rapper. But googling his name from the police report, I came up empty. The 'good' news is my insurance agent is a bulldog. If there are assets to be found, she will find them. Bad news is, I've already been warned this is going to be a slog.


The amazing thing is, if you looked at the damage, you would think it is not that big a deal. Looks can definitely be deceiving....sigh.


There is damage to the pipes to the 2nd story. Which, since they don't think they can match the stonework on the front of the house, becomes less of an issue (aside from having to basically rip the front of my house apart to make the stonework matching  :angry: ).


With the exception of the end of this month, I am basically traveling until late December--and hopefully into the first part of January :cool: . That adds another dimension, since I don't really want the workers to know I am gone. And I want to be here to know things are actually being done correctly. 


I suspect my wine stash is going to take a hit in order to keep me relatively sane.

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