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I went to the DMV to get a learners permit this morning. That was the first annoyance: that although my UK license is perfectly OK for driving in the US (as long as I’m not a resident), it is not suff

My new cowboy boots hurt my feet. I know I have to go through a breaking-in phase, but in the meantime my left pinky toe is cursing at me non-stop.

Being afraid to switch my elderly computer off in case it decides never to boot up properly again   v

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The College Football Championship being played at Levi’s Stadium. The field is trash. And it is going to be a muddy mess Monday night from 4 days of rain. And, while I am at it, Santa Clara is beyond boring. SF is not an option because of meetings and functions that must be attended here.


The only high point (aside from the fact we are playing for the National Championship of course) is that Manresa and The Bywater are only about 25 minutes away. Had a positively stellar meal at Manresa last night. And heading to The Bywater shortly for brunch.

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It's funny--I was thinking that you were almost certainly going to be here for the game, and feeling sorry that you have to put up with the awful weather.  Yeah, not much going on in Santa Clara.  There are a couple of interesting places in Palo Alto, some good cheap Portuguese and Vietnamese food in San Jose, and also super-authentic Indian and Chinese as you go along Stevens Creek Boulevard from Santa Clara into Cupertino and Sunnyvale. 

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This is more bad news/good news, than a total annoyance.


While I was in Santa Clara, Las Vegas had a couple of nights of hard freeze temperatures that had their way with my fruit trees and other plants (looks like the trees have a good chance of survival. My yard crew comes tomorrow--keep your fingers crossed).


So, I knew at some point I was going to have to pick all the lemons from my 2 Meyer lemon trees. So, for the last couple of weeks, I have been working my way through different iterations of 'lemon things' since the fruit was starting to drop. 


I have made 3 double batches of lemon curd; 8 batches of limoncello; 4 quarts of preserved lemons. With more travel looming, today I picked the last 150 + lemons. And am juicing and freezing them in cubes. My wrist/arm strength on my right side is going to be off the charts by the time I finish this project  :P . I won't have to consider buying lemons for a very long time. 


Not bad for a couple of dwarf trees in the desert  :) .

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