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Hat in pocket: that works for my Catalunyan peasant beret from the 80 year old family owned Sombreria Orbach, in case I hadn’t mentioned it, but not for all hats.


If there are no hooks, there’s not much choice.

Even if there ARE hooks, since most bar hooks won’t hold a wide-brimmed hat.



And what do you do if you're sitting at a table with a date and there's no coat check?  Remove the votive and put your hat there?


How about this - you call the restaurant, find out if there are perfect hooks or a place to check your hat and coat, and if not, you wear a less bourgeois hat. Because it's just fucking rude putting it on a surface people eat from. Unless one enjoys stray hairs or head oils.

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How ubiquitous is this problem?    Or rather, how many hatted guests are affected or affecting others?    How about chatting up reception or bartenders about the problem, about how the lack of hat hooks or check impacts a pleasurable experience?    If hosts (listening, Daniel?) continue to hear a stream of grumbling or suggestion I would think something might happen, even a trend.   

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Seriously, husband always wears a fedora and we dine out.   We sit at a banquette and his hat sits next to me.   Or, if no banquette, one of us offers up a scarf to nest the hat on the floor under my chair.    But you want bar seating.


It would be lovely in this life if we could meet all qualifying demands, but it ain't so.    My best rec, and I repeat myself, is for you to chat up your hosts, make them aware that hats are "in", how uncomfortable you are with setting your hat on the bar, and suggest a few ways for them to make your visit more enjoyable.    You know the drill...schmooze them; charm them; tell them how much you love everything about their house EXCEPT for your discomfit over hat storage.   At a minimum, someone will probably take your hat and put it someplace safe/appropriate.  


Otherwise this belongs in the "shaking fist" thread.  

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