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I went to the DMV to get a learners permit this morning. That was the first annoyance: that although my UK license is perfectly OK for driving in the US (as long as I’m not a resident), it is not suff

My new cowboy boots hurt my feet. I know I have to go through a breaking-in phase, but in the meantime my left pinky toe is cursing at me non-stop.

Being afraid to switch my elderly computer off in case it decides never to boot up properly again   v

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If it's the blue one, I'd be happy to send you some. I think they may even sell it at Costco. Or maybe that's just the orange one. I also a lot of small travel sized orange ones. Voltaren doesn't really work for me, but I think my issues are too far gone

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12 hours ago, splinky said:

sorry about the hip. i always watch the injection on the big screen but i always ask to watch any procedures one is  allowed to be awake for. i find the injections very hit or miss (quite literally) i do enjoy canadian strength voltaren gel. 

Good tip.

I/We haven't noticed any scent that stays around for more than a few seconds while it dries.    Nothing like the haunting smells of old time balms like Ben-Gay or even Aspercreme.


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I remember being told that I was a candidate for replacement anytime I wanted one, that my body would tell me when that time came.    It did.   In my case, I had already lost 10 years to pain, 10 mid-life good years, and only wish I'd caved in earlier.   


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I suffered a long time with the hip until I could barely walk. It’s elective surgery after all and can go wrong, and it’s hard to know how long the implants they’re doing now are going to last because obviously that needs studies over decades. So I held out as long as I could. Hopefully the right decision.

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18 hours ago, Sneakeater said:

I just meant that, based on what she’s posted over the years, if anything she seems to not abuse her body enough.  

I'm better now than I was in my 20s and 30s, because I'm more domesticated, and I have to be articulate at work. And because once you hit that half century mark, it becomes obvious that your warranty has run out when your parts start to fail. But my liquor store bill is still pretty alarming, and it's not like I'm drinking the expensive stuff.

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9 minutes ago, Wilfrid said:

It is still a bit disturbing, but when I think what my bar bill used to be…

Word. But you kind of don't realize it when it's spread out across a bunch of checks from different establishments. Now it's all clumped together. Plus, I'm not paying $15+/drink when I make my own. You're welcome, Vin Vero and Bowery & Vine!

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