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I went to the DMV to get a learners permit this morning. That was the first annoyance: that although my UK license is perfectly OK for driving in the US (as long as I’m not a resident), it is not suff

My new cowboy boots hurt my feet. I know I have to go through a breaking-in phase, but in the meantime my left pinky toe is cursing at me non-stop.

Being afraid to switch my elderly computer off in case it decides never to boot up properly again   v

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26 minutes ago, Wilfrid said:

Officially diagnosed as gout. First time ever. It's fine now, but it was painful.

I had gout the year before last.  It was PAINFUL.

It was like, "oh, at last you've come."  I'm only sorry my wife missed the chance to lord it over me for it.

I hope I'm not jinxing myself when I give you the hopeful news that it hasn't come back.

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4 minutes ago, voyager said:

A belated holiday gift, perhaps?  

Ironically, the only real variation in my diet over the holidays was relaxation over carbs, and carbs don't promote gout (and it may not be caused by dietary factors).

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Just now, Sneakeater said:

What was most annoying, in a way, is that my doctor and his nurse/receptionist just seemed to think it was funny.

Is it the name? "Gout" always seems to make people chuckle in a way that osteoarthritis doesn't. 

Yes, my quandary now is that this may be a one-time thing, or once every few years, or it may come back next month. Do I want to go on a regime of prophylactic treatment for something that may not happen?


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1 minute ago, Wilfrid said:

Is it the name? "Gout" always seems to make people chuckle in a way that osteoarthritis doesn't.

I think it's a combination of the name and the associations the disease has traditionally had.

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I got gout in my early forties and the doctor laughed at me when I didn’t react and muttered something about a bad diet.

I find that I can feel it coming on and moderating my diet prevents full on flare ups. shit sucks.

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A close friend has had it for years.   It is always hiding behind the door but rarely makes an appearance.   He hasn't made any major concessions except for mindful moderation in consuming rich meat and excess wine, but still allowing himself plenty.

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Am having to go to San Rafael for ortho appt this afternoon since requested sciatica specialist has no SF appts before Monday, and I'm not sure I have patience/stamina for three more days pain until then.   

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Finally upgraded my Samsung Galaxy phone after 5+ years, and the new one no longer has a plug for my headphones so I have to buy a wireless pair.  I also need to get a USB-C charging cable, and I discovered there are no lights at the top, which on my old S6 allowed me to easily see if I had a text or voice mail.  Ugh, technology.

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7 hours ago, StephanieL said:

upgraded my Samsung Galaxy phone after 5+ years ... no longer has a plug for my headphones so I have to buy a wireless pair ...Ugh, technology

Steph, some very good news for ya !

Chambo has returned !!!       … and just in the nick of time, I see … phew !

I aches me to know that you might be annoyed … for I want only la vie en rose pour toi, ma chérie

And since we’re such close friends who enjoy sharing details from our lives and shooting straight with each other, I think that I can share this with you … ahem … Steph, you’re sounding a slight bit like my grandma did when she had to upgrade her 30yo, 6” black and white TV to a current model and she kept saying “Who has the space for a giant thing like that ! Who needs such a monstrosity ! And where’s the knob on this new TV to change the channel, huh ? You mean I HAVE TO use that small thingie, what do you call it, a “remote” … but what if I can’t find it ? and those buttons are so small … so now I’ll need my reading glasses just to see which button is which … all this just to turn on my TV !   … and that thingie actually requires batteries ? what if the batteries decide to run out when something good like the Lucille Ball Show is coming on ! Uggh, technology”

Anywho, I’m here to help, Steph ... Chambo at your service …

FYI You do NOT have to buy wireless headphones 

You can just pick up a little headphone adapter thingie that plugs into your USB slot

I wouldn’t be surprised if a dollar store has them

For example, here’s a pic of my iPhone headphone adapter that I have never used*  … I’d happily hand deliver to you tomorrow but iPhones use a lightning cable and your phone needs a USB one



And Steph, while we're in the business of sharing, I guess I must admit that I was a little tiny bit annoyed … no no no no … that’s way too strong a word … I guess I was just a little bit bummed that there was no formal Halloween invite for Sweet Little Chambo back then … but I’m totally over it now ... so no worries and I only have good feelings for you and all of humanity (well, maybe not this guy in the dopey hat)

So I’ll tell you what I’m willing to do for you, Steph.

If you have trouble finding that little adapter thingie on your own and you’re planning of having a nice Easter Sunday lunch, then Sweet Little Chambo would be willing to fly in and join in on the festivities and hand delivery to you the appropriate adapter, ok ? Just LMK …

And since we'd be "almost" post-COVID then … and since I haven’t seen you in … hmmm how long ? … gosh it’s been a while, hasn’t it ?

So just imagine … Chambo arrives … rings your doorbell (analog, I’m sure) … you open and I reach out my arms, give you a big hug, whisper a few words of flattery, offer some Samsung skills and swat away any other techno-uggh annoyances, unload the load off your heart and hope to have you see with me La Vie de Technologie en Rose-ah



* I never used that adapter cuz, of course, the cool-as-a-cucumber, constantly-connected computer kid aka Chambo has surely been sans fil for a frickin’ long time … and when you have a long time, Steph, remind me one day to tell you the story about my fraternity brother bestie who, when still a borderline baby, had a startup decades ago that was trying to beat Bluetooth to market with his patented, short-range magnetic resonance technology (as opposed to RF with Bluetooth). His tech had a number of advantages … and he was going to be first to market by a couple of years … and Motorola (remember them ? StartTAC and RAZRs ? those flip phones back in the day that completely disappeared when a slate of glass became the ubiquitous face for our phones … and now notice that flip is the new fad and it’s almost de retour and back in style, grâce à Samsung) … so as I was saying Motorola invested quite a bunch in my bestie and was integrating their technology into their upcoming phones and overall product line … but at the same time (we’re talking the 1990s) mobile phone networks are now starting the transition from analog to digital … which means that new network technology standards were going to enable high-speed data big-time and the world was going to completely and quickly (ie over a few years) shift from analog voice to digital bits … and communication bandwidth would become king and critical … which required major mods to my bestie’s magnetic induction chip sets … uh oh ! did you hear the earth quake ? the technology landscape has now dramatically changed and bestie had believed he was skating towards where the puck was going to be … but fuck ! the puck just repositioned itself in a very different direction … so my bestie’s a bit bummed cuz he thought he was years ahead and already had his product ready to go to market with Moto but Moto says “whoa whoa whoa ! not so fast, fella ! We now need to do digital like yesterday !”  Yikes cuz his company’s DNA was diamond deep in analog but high-speed digital communications, not so much. So they gotta bring on new talent and like lickety-split … and blah blah … tick tock tick tock … and blah blah blah … and the Bluetooth juggernaut, now with many industries players lining up behind it, will slowly come to market and go on to steamroll his analog dreams of owning the IP that would connect billions upon billions and be worth the same … and that’s how the tech cookie crumbles … there’s a lot of luck and good timing involved … and twas indeed deeply annoying for his investors … but my bestie was not a one-idea pony or phony and went on to do some other pretty awesome sans fil stuff so I don’t want any of you all feeling all too sorry for him … so cheer up !

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