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I went to the DMV to get a learners permit this morning. That was the first annoyance: that although my UK license is perfectly OK for driving in the US (as long as I’m not a resident), it is not suff

My new cowboy boots hurt my feet. I know I have to go through a breaking-in phase, but in the meantime my left pinky toe is cursing at me non-stop.

Being afraid to switch my elderly computer off in case it decides never to boot up properly again   v

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Talk of Dworkin reminds that Drucilla Cornell died in December.  Dworkin was an odd duck until the end and a real pit bull about her theories. Cornell was also an odd duck but seemed capable of growth and learning from those around her who were not like her. 

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1 hour ago, small h said:

And then there's Catharine MacKinnon. I have vivid memories of campus "Take Back the Night" stuff. Lotsa posters of that National Lampoon lady-in-a-meat-grinder cover.

MacKinnon hated Cornell's guts. Like roller derby fight level hate. Why do famous feminists seem to hate women more than they hate men?

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2 minutes ago, splinky said:

Why do famous feminists seem to hate women more than they hate men?

They don't? MacKinnon got on pretty well with Andrea Dworkin, for starters. And saying famous feminists "hate men"? That sounds like Rush Limbaugh talking.

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My father tested positive for COVID yesterday and my mother tested positive today.  Did my father reschedule the plumber coming over to install the toilets?  Of course not.  And now, previously unknown issues with the water shutoff valve have come to light, extending into the street and necessitating involvement of the water company as well as the utilities (the gas and electric lines weren't marked on the street).  My parents are sick and have no water, and my mother has to go to their complex's clubhouse to use the bathroom.

If I make it to almost 80, remind someone to knock some sense into me if I try to do anything like this.

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Because they think the word "frequent" is a fancy word for "visit," and why would you not want to be fancy?

Related: Students will often apologize to me "for the inconvenience" of them being late or absent. Kids, your lack of attendance inconveniences me not at all. It's not like I'm depending on you to clap erasers or something.

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On 2/24/2023 at 11:59 AM, voyager said:

I’m so sorry.   It’s a complicated works out there now.   Are your folks taking anything fir Covid?

Dad is taking Paxlovid.  He has stage 3 CKD and was able to get the drug from his nephrologist.  They were trying to get the same for Mom, who's a cancer survivor.

They seem to have mild symptoms as of today, thank goodness.

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