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On Jan 5th, it's my 30th birthday.  Now believe it or not, this isnt' the annoyance.  I was taken out for dinner tonight by my father and I didn't get a gift.  Nothing.  A sweater that my sister bought  me, but nothing from him.  Now, normally, this isn't an issue, I at least get a decent Christmas prestent and write of the birthday (one of the perks of having a New Year's birthday and divorced parents. The one that has gotten off scott free for the last 27 years always forgets) but this year I received a gift certificate for a spa treatment (which I really don't like....OK I DESPISE!@!!!!!!!)  and that was it.  Turns out that my dad gave my step sister his visa and said "buy something for all of you", which is Myself, my stepmom and my stepsister.  And what does the stupid fucking princess buy, but Princess Spa Packages for a spa that her mother goes to for bleaching (something I don't need, and my french manicures are better than any that I've paid for).  I'm a little pissed.


I'm used to crappy presents from my dad, but, for the last 9 months, my sister has moved back in to the house with our parents, rent free, with her husband and BABY!!!  While I, struggle to pay a quite reasonable rent on a fairly decent salary.  FUCK OFF!!!....




I think I havve ranted enough.  Thank you :)

Uh, but that sounds like you DID get a present from your dad after all - the spa certificate? I mean, he paid for it, right?


Is it a spa that ONLY offers bleaching and french manicures? I'd have thought that there would be other options - facials, massages, pedicures and whatnot. Surely you don't have to subject yourself to unnecessary bleaching to use the voucher...


Also, I might be wrong but isn't it precisely because she has a BABY! that your sister finds herself unable to pay rent - ? I mean, one less income, one more person... mine has done the same - why not if the parents are happy to have her...

I should clarify, my sisters husband, who lives with them as well, makes well over $100K a year; triple my yearly salary. They have more than enough money to live quite happily. There are plenty of couples that have more than one child, much less income and do just fine. The spa cert. was a Christmas present from the whole family. It really wasn't that bad, just not understanding me at all. If a little thought had been put into it...(it's also a really small hair salon, not a spa, so the services are a little limited) Now a gift certificate for proper massage...that's a great gift!


I figured that at least for my 30th he would at least get me a card. I didn't even get that. It was like it was just another dinner out. And it's not about monetary stuff, it's about recognizing that I am his daughter and this is one of the few milestones that I am going to have in my life. (My parents divorced when I was 3, my dad remarried and my sister is actually my stepsister)


I'm just tired of being treated like I'm not his child :rolleyes:

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Lung transplant.

Bruce, best wishes for you.


Coincidentally, I was just reading an article yesterday about lung transplant, and lung disease, in the University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC) newsletter. I think UWMC is well regarded in that field.


If you are interested to read about their program, or get a 2nd opinion, Here is their link.


edit to add: "Respiratory disorders care at UWMC ranked 11th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report in 2005." another link Here

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I saw an ad (poster) for a Bailey's martini. It's Bailey's chilled in a martini glass.


Why is this a martini??????????????


Is everything served in a martini glass now called a martini? If I put tomato juice and vodka in a martini glass is it a martini? Maybe it'll be called a bloody marytini?



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