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I went to the DMV to get a learners permit this morning. That was the first annoyance: that although my UK license is perfectly OK for driving in the US (as long as I’m not a resident), it is not suff

My new cowboy boots hurt my feet. I know I have to go through a breaking-in phase, but in the meantime my left pinky toe is cursing at me non-stop.

Being afraid to switch my elderly computer off in case it decides never to boot up properly again   v

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I've no more unread books, and for the past five days I've been laid low by a mysterious malaise that has left me mainly confined to bed except for the times when the boredom of it drove me across the room to participate in the nonsense posted on this site. Or to verify once more that what goes down must sometimes come back up. Luckily, I live in a really tiny apartment.

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My allergys are kicking into full gear. With all the wind and the red cedar, I am pretty frigging miserable.

So sorry! I guess it could be worse, though, I hear they are testing for cattle dander allergies now. So many spring weeds are blooming and the awful March winds!

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Hmmm can I put all people under annoyances. Sitting on a delayed flight for the past two hours has made me aware of some things. Let's start with the people in front of you who lean there seats all the way back just to lean foward and sit out of there seat because its.too far back. Then there is the person behind you who for some reason needs to use your headrest as leverage to either sit down or get up. Then there is the guy who despite how long we have waited to board the plane, needs to bring taco bell on to the plane. The group of annoying people traveling together who believe they are the most important people on the plane. There is always that one wild man who is really is not that wild or altogether funny. The little kid who says mommy I want to fly the plane. Listen you little shit, you can't even use a toilet on your own, how are you getting to Jfk.Then there is the guy who feels like if he voices his complaints in a dicky tone to the woman handing out waters, she will be able to get us there quicker. The woman on her cell phone yapping away blindly. Is there really another person on the other end listening to your waste. Why don't you write all your bull shit on a piece of paper and cut your wrists with a series of small paper cuts. Oh well rant over, flights taking off.

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Adding to my theory that the whole world is anti-semetic, our waiter tonight at Cronkite pizza decides to share his beliefs that all Jews are cheap.. Do I decide to educate this young man or just let him be an asshole.. I had him my CC, his face turns white, I give him a reasonable tip and leave the education to someone else.. At least the man is honest with himself..

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