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Blossom Dearie

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I adored her on records. Went to see her at Danny's. Told her how much I loved her singing. She looked at me like I was a three day-old dead fish, said nothing and turned away to talk to Tony Guida. Her charming on stage persona was a media show. I haven't felt the same about her since. Haven't played any of her CDs either. I always say it's not good to know your heroes.


She was pretty indifferent when I met her as well, though she wasn't having a great night. She forgot the words to Surrey with the Fringe on Top midway through the show and went off on an audience member who was apparently making noise. Seemed rather fragile upstairs but still had that voice.

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Out of all the many things I loved about Blossom Dearie, I think my favorite thing is that that was her real name.

Yesterday, Jonathan Schwartz said her first name was Marguerite and her middle name was Blossom - don't know if that's true or not.

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I once went to an Allen Ginsberg thing at which he was a sort of artist in residence. He read some poems, then answered questions. One clearly disturbed person asked him to comment on a poem which was a rapid fire reading of Sneak's post (well, maybe there were 2 or 3 more fucks). Ginsberg was patient with the guy and made some comment about the "repetition of an epithet" having certain poetic qualities, etc.

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