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Which has been the best decade for music?

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50's / Elvis, Chuck Berry and Rock & Roll


60's / The Beatles and The British Invasion, Psychedelia and the beginnings of Heavy Metal


70's / Arena Rock, FM Radio, Punk, Drugs and Rock & Roll. And disco.


80's / New Wave, Hair Metal and MTV


90's / Grunge, Alternative, RockCountryPop blurring and Boy Groups


00's / Every possible Genre and SubGenre and SubSubGenre imaginable


If you fancy having a vote go to




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Interesting... So hard to just avoid thinking the decade in which you were young was the best.


But perusing that list, and thinking which developments were most important, and which songs have best stood the test of time, I'd have to go with either the 50's or the 60's. Actually, I think 55-65. Of course, that's not a choice. But that stands out to me as the time that everything changed.



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