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Goin' to the movies.

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I decided to dig back into the movies I saw as a kid and try to identify the ones that had a real impact on me. I mean those that helped form my view of the world and even parts of my character. To my surprise, I was able to go right down the list, as I grew up from six or seven to my early teens, and pluck out those movies that stuck with me. Since this covers the period from 1945 to 1960, it may predate many of you youngsters. But perhaps you've seen the same films at a similar stage in your life. I wonder which ones had an impact on you.


The interesting thing to me is that these films really were a part of my life, my personality and character. They taught me what to fear, what to value and what to lust after, long before life experience tempered the fantasies.

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It's your memory, but are you sure you saw the original Pepe Le Moko with Jean Gabin and not the American remake, Algiers, with Charles Boyer? There was even a remake with music, Casbah, with Tony Martin.

I saw both, but I did not see the Boyer one until much later. I honestly don't know how it came to be playing where it was. Perhaps I am wrong, but I remember the smokey light and the exotic feeling of the scenes. I think it was dubbed and not with subtitles, because I doubt I could have read them well enough at eight or nine years old. I know the Boyer movie came out in 1948 so that would make the time right, but perhaps the distributor saw an opportunity to get more mileage from the 1938 French film. I saw the Gabin movie on TMC nbot long ago, and it tirggered a lot of old memories. The Boyer movie was not as evocative for me. I remember walking around as a kid saying "I am Pepay Luhmokko, ze thif." in my best imitation of a French accent. Heddy Lamar was in the Boyer movie, and a French actress was in the Gabin film. Lamar was a knockout, but the French actress was sooo exotic. I never saw the musical.

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