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Significant/Antique/Collectible/Vintage/Etc. Cookbooks

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11 hours ago, Diancecht said:

i collect vintage cookbooks and prefer the ones without pictures. la bonne cuisine de madame e. saint-ange (trans. paul aratow, 2005) is one of my favorites for french home cooking. mr. aratow was one of the founders of chez panisse and this volume has a foreword by madeleine kamman.





I have the 1929 French version. It is a delightful book! I can't believe I'd missed this thread until today!!

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A stop into the used bookstore in the French Quarter yielded the purchase of a 1997 book on Cape Malay cooking and a peek at a crumbling New Orleans cookbook from the 1830s.

I never saw this thread before today. And Kathy has a point. There are significant Burgundies but would someone who is only into Bourdeaux care? One person's "significant" cookbook might be pointless

I have a first edition of Entertaining is Fun and I understand some would consider it a significant work. I just happened to love it and found it kitschy....it also cost me .50. Oh and it is pretty

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1 hour ago, Wilfrid said:

Do you know the name of the bookstore? The only one I can think of in the French Quarter is Faulkner House Books in a narrow passageway off Jackson Square.

It's Crescent City Books at 240 Chartres Street.

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