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Van Morrison, The Healing Game. One of his later albums, but with some great tracks - the title track, The Burning Ground and This Once Was My Life (with Georgie Fame's call-and-response backing voca

God what an innocent I was (am) - never realised the Sweetest Girl was about H. Will have to try to find my copy now and listen again. And Jacques Derrida - Scritti Politti changed my life - in a sm

Liza, That song you mentioned a while back (you asked if you were crazy to like it), the band's name escapes me, well it's on the radio all the time now and now I like it. (They remind me of Meatloaf,

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Beethoven's Symphony No. 4 by the London Symphony Orchestra led by Bernard Haitink -- The people who think these brisk, bracing, beautifully played performances are bland continue to have rocks in their heads.


Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde by James King and Dietrich Fischer-Diskau with the Vienna Philharmonic led by Leonard Bernstein -- In theory I prefer an alto to accompany the tenor in this rather than a baritone (no, I'm not just saying that in case StephanieL is reading this), but this is nevertheless the only performance I've ever heard of this piece, live or on record, that has persuaded me. Usually I think it's overstuffed and boring. It's Leonard Bernstein's gift to make it gripping. I wish I knew how he did it. Then I could be the greatest musician of my generation, too.


Der Bote by Alexi Lubimov -- A collection of elegiac piano pieces by composers ranging from C.P.E. Bach to Liszt to Cage to Silvestrov, with lots in between. When he plays standard repertoire, I find Lubimov too interventionist (and too choppy). But he when he plays (largely) unfamiliar stuff, he plays it straight. There's even a singing line here when it's called for -- although happily on the whole he keeps things pretty chaste. I like this record a lot.


Concertos for Saxophone Quartet composed by William Bolcom & Steve Mackey played by the PRISM Saxophone Quartet accompanied by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project led by Gil Rose -- The Bolcom is entertaining, if far from profound (not that everything needs to be profound). The Mackey is . . . well, I want to like Steve Mackey. Maybe someday I will.


ETA -- No, not the guy who was in Pulp.

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Mahler's Symphony No. 7 played by the Staatskapelle Berlin led by Daniel Barenboim -- Daniel Barenboim wants to be Wilhelm Furtwangler. But too often it's all the same mushy beatlessness without the intense clarity of vision that in Furtwangler keeps everything together. Sometimes, though, Barenboim is on. Rarely for a whole piece -- but the Mahler symphonies are such ragbags that a highly episodic approach can be acceptable. Anyway, this is really quite good (if not magical). At least in parts.


Live in New York at Jazz Standard by Antonio Sanchez -- This has gotten such great reviews that you almost disbelieve it can be that good. But it can; it is. Four excellent soloists here -- leader Antonio Sanchez on drums, David Sanchez on tenor, Miguel Zenon on alto, Scott Colley on bass -- but this was recorded at the end of a tour, and they had become a band. They play with each other, they play against each other, they play around each other. Keeps you thinking -- thinking and smiling.

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2010 Rolling in the Deep Mix



Gucci Mane--Lemonade

Wiz Khalifa--Black and Yellow

Kanye West & Pusha T--Runaway

Janelle Monae--Tightrope

Cee-Lo Green--F**k You

Nicki Minaj--Did It On'em

Big Boi & Cutty--Shutterbug

Adele--Rolling in the Deep

The Rolling Stones--Plundered My Soul

The Black Keys--Everlasting Light

Wavves--Post Acid

Sleigh Bells--Infinity Guitars

The National--Bloodbuzz Ohio

Best Coast--Boyfriend

Of Montreal--Famine Affair


Tame Impala--Solitude Is Bliss

Arcade Fire--Ready To Start

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Better Days / Southside Johnny


One of the best albums in his catalogue, it's got several songs that are still staples in the ever-shifting live set - Comin' Back, Better Days, Shake 'Em Down, and All Night Long. That last is the most Stones-ish song Johnny's ever done, complete with wailing harmonica; it never fails to rev up the crowd.


And then there's Been So Long, a heartfelt ode to lost youth with Johnny, Little Steven and Bruce trading the vocal lines, one after another, round and round, a heavy dose of that Asbury Park sound. There's a beautiful reference to even earlier times in the line, "Under the boardwalk and up on the roof," that hits me right where I live. It's a small masterpiece.


Essential if you like this sort of soulful / old-time R&B / rocking sound.

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I love this girl. who is she?Elle kinghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKHgzYqEUWsNot a lot out there on her.. Though, i am far from in the know so, maybe there is.

I love this girl. who is she?


Elle king






Not a lot out there on her.. Though, i am far from in the know so, maybe there is.


So, no word on Ella King? Still think she is awesome, need more music from her..


This guy is pretty good..


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False Priest by Of Monreal -- In which Aimee Mann/Kanye West enabler Jon Brion joins the sonic party. Some find this version of the pop melange more coherent, but I find it a bit more annoying. Nevertheless, Of Montreal is a band (well really it's a person, Kevin Barnes) that somehow hits my sweet spot. Why has nobody yet made the obvious Cockney Rebel comparison?


I think the EP Jon Brion did remixing stuff from An Eluardian Instance added waaaaay more value than his producing on False Priest. I think Kevin Barnes is better served *not* having a co-conspirator up front.



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