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Van Morrison, The Healing Game. One of his later albums, but with some great tracks - the title track, The Burning Ground and This Once Was My Life (with Georgie Fame's call-and-response backing voca

God what an innocent I was (am) - never realised the Sweetest Girl was about H. Will have to try to find my copy now and listen again. And Jacques Derrida - Scritti Politti changed my life - in a sm

Liza, That song you mentioned a while back (you asked if you were crazy to like it), the band's name escapes me, well it's on the radio all the time now and now I like it. (They remind me of Meatloaf,

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Webber/Morris Big Band:  Both Are True

Pendercki:  A Polish Requiem (Klosińska/Rappé/Minkiewicz/Nowacki//Wit/Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra & Choir)

Peter Ivers:  Terminal Love

Peter Ivers:  Peter Ivers

Dvorák:  String Quartet No. 3 (Stamitz Quartet)

Herbie Hancock:  The Prisoner

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Dvorák:  String Quartet No. 2/Andante Appassionato (Stamitz Quartet)

Kammel:  String Quartet No. 2//Gassmann:  String Quartet No. 8//Koczwara:  Sonata for Two Violins & Cello//Zimmermann:  String Quartet No. 3 (Sojka Quartet)

Ockeghem:  Requiem/Missa "Mi-mi"  (Hilliard Ensemble) (I can listen to Ockeghem while looking at a contemporary illustration of him leading his choir in the new Huizinga!)

Merulo:  Organ-Alternatim Masses (Del Sordo//Turco/Nova Schola Gregoriana/In Dulci Jubilo)

Ingrid Laubrock:  ubatuba

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Various:  A Slight Disturbance in My Mind:  The British Proto-Psychedelic Sounds of 1965 (Disc 3)

Dvorák:  Requiem/Wind Serenade/Scherzo Capriccioso/Symphonic Variations (Lorengar/Komlóssy/Ilosfalvy/Krause//Kertész/London Symphony Orchestra/Ambrosian Singers) (you often hear how amazing this Requiem is, but I don't recall hearing people go sufficiently apeshit over this Wind Serenade)

Tony Bennett & Diana Krall:  Love Is Here to Stay (I much prefer the Lady Gaga collab) (he, at last, sounds really old; she sounds really dull)

Moon Duo:  Occult Architecture Vol. 2

Lee Ranaldo/Jim Jarmusch/Marc Urselli/Balazs Pandi:  Ranaldo/Jarmusch/Urselli/Pandi

Ockeghem:  Missa Prolationum/Marian Motets (Hilliard Ensemble)

The Ensemble Al-Salaam:  The Sojourner (fucking FANTASTIC)

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Haydn:  Folksong Arrangements:  Scottish Songs for William Napier (Lorna Anderson/Jamie MacDonald/Haydn Trio Eisenstadt) (Disc 3) (you could listen to this stuff forever -- and there's so much of it, you probably will)

Dvorák:  String Quartet No. 8/Echo of Song ("Cypresses") (Stamitz Quartet) (every time I think I don't much like Dvorák I listen to him, and remember that in fact I adore him)

Neil Young & Promise of the Real:  Paradox

Mahan Esfahani:  Musique? (music for harpsichord by Takemitsu/Cowell/Kaija Saariaho/Gavin Bryars/Anahita Abbasi/Ferrari)

Various:   Black Fire:  Soul Love Now:  The Black Fire Records Story 1975-1993

Nat King Cole:  Hittin' the Ramp:  The Early Years (1936-1943) (Disc 3)

Kapsberger:  Che Fai Tù?:  Villanelles  (The Kapsber'girls) (one of those recordings where everything went right:  I couldn't imagine this being better -- or more purely enjoyable)

Ruthann Friedman:  Windy:  A Ruthann Friedman Songbook

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The Velvet Underground:  The Velvet Underground

Pfitzner:  Orchestral Songs (Begemann//Tausk/Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie)

Cory Smythe:  Accelerate Every Voice (great!)

Derrick Hodge:  Live Today

Tropical Fuck Storm:  Legal Ghost

Philip Glass:  Solo Piano

Spirit:  The Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus (this has NOT aged well)

Villa-Lobos:  String Quartets Nos. 4, 9 & 11 (Cuarteto Latinoamericano)

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John Fahey:  The "Yellow Princess"

Dvorák:  String Quartet No. 4/Quartet Movement (Stamitz Quartet)

Lori McKenna:  The Balladeer (meh)

Schubert:  "Trout" Quintet/Arpeggione Sonata/Adagio for Piano Trio "Notturno" (Imerseel/L'Archibudelli) (I wasn't expecting this to be quite as good as it was)

Josquin Desprez:  Motets & Chansons (Hillier/Hilliard Ensemble) (this was one of the best, if not the best, Josquin records in the catalogue when it came out some 30+ years ago -- and damned if it isn't still, despite all the stylistic advances that have been made in performance practice)

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Fleetwood Mac:  English Rose

Dvorák:  My Home/Huistiská/In Nature's Realm/Carnival/Othello (Kertész/London Symphony Orchestra)

Ellen Ried:  prism (Schubert/Loeb//Wachner/NOVUS NY/Choir of Trinity Wall Street) (since I loved the music of this opera but thought the libretto kind of weak, a recording may be the best way for me to listen to it)

Schmelzer/Graindelavoix:  Confréries:  Devotional Songs by Jaikes de Cambrai

Shelby Lynne:  Shelby Lynne

Takemitsu/Toshio Hosokawa:  Works for Solo Guitar (Del Greco)

Haydn:  Folksong Arrangements:  Scottish Songs for William Napier (Lorna Anderson/Jamie MacDougal/Haydn Trio Eisenstadt) (Disc 4)

Emma Kirkby/Chelys Consort of Viols feat. James Akers:  A Pleasing Melancholy (pleasing indeed) (Kirkby's voice doesn't age) (

The Velvet Underground:  The Velvet Underground ("Closet" Mix)

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Dvorák:  The Water Goblin/The Noonday Witch/The Golden Spinning Wheel (Kertész/London Symphony Orchestra) (even Dvorák's Stupid 19th Century Tone Poems are enjoyable!)

Evelyn Glennie//Shui/Singapore Symphony Orchestra:  Oriental Landscapes (concertante works for percussion, assembled with questionable taste, by Chen Yi/Thea Musgrave/Zhou Long/Hovhaness)

Amandita:  La Reina de la Anarcumbia

oui ennui:  Understanding

clipping.:  Chapter 319

Dawn Oberg:  2020 Revision

Lisel:  "Night and Day"

Josquin Dezprez:  Missa Hercules Dux Ferrariae/Pater Noster/Ava Maria//Gombert?:  Lugebat David Absalom/Miserere Mei Deus/Tu Solus qui Facis Mirabilla (Hilliard Ensemble)

Michael Harrison:  Just Constellations (Roomful of Teeth)

Stravinsky:  Greeting Prelude/Dumbarton Oaks Concerto/Eight Instrumental Miniatures/Four Etudes for Orchestra/Suites for Small Orchestra Nos. 1 & 2 (Stravinsky/CBC Orchestra/Columbia Symphony) (another big personal fave from the days when I was first getting into classical music) (and boy does triode mode do a lot to tame this fierce 1960s Columbia orchestral recording!)

The Beach Boys:  Smiley Smile (God do I love this album)

Poulenc:  La Voix Humane (Barbara Hannigan//Salonen/Paris Opera Orchestra) (how can Barbara Hannigan have taken up with some Bond villain when she was so clearly meant to be with me?)

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Beethoven:  Piano Concertos Nos. 4 & 5/Rondo a Capriccio "Rage over a Lost Penny" (Kempff//Kempen/Raabe/German Opera House Orchestra/Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra)

Spirit:  Feedback

Stravinsky:  Bluebird -- Pas de Deux/Jeu de Cartes/Scenes de Ballet (Stravinsky/Columbia Symphony Orchestra/Cleveland Orchestra/CBC Symphony Orchestra)

Liza Lim:  Extinction Events and Dawn Chorus/Avis Mundi/Songs Found in Dream (Schafleitner/Dowling//Rundel/Asbury/Klangforum Wien) (what a good composer)

Matthew Schipp Trio:  The Conduct of Jazz

Deap Lips:  Deap Lips (I love this -- but then I would)

Couperin:  Troisième Livre de Pièces de Clavecin:  Dix-Huitèmme, & Dix-Neuvième Ordres/Quatrième Livre de Pièces de Clavin:  Vingtième Ordre (Cerasi)

Amanda Gookin:  Forward Music Project 1.0 (pieces for cello by Nathalie Joachim/Allison Loggins-Hall/Angélica Negrón/Morgan Krauss/Amanda Ferry/Leila Adu-Gilmore/Jessica Meyer)

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Ornette Coleman:  Town Hall 1962

Tournier/Schmitt/Pierné/Françaix/Roussel:  French Flute Chamber Music (Mirage Quartet)

Dream Wife:  So When You Gonna . . .

J.P. & J. Pla:  Oboe Trios (Rossi PIceno)

Soundgarden:  Superunknown

Haydn:  Folksong Arrangements:  Scottish Songs for William Napier (Lorna Anderson/Jamie MacDougall/Haydn Trio Eisenstadt) (Disc 5)

Empyrean Atlas:  Inner Circle

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Stravinsky:  Babel/Zvezdoliki ("Le Roi des Étoiles")/Chorale-Variations on Bach's "Von Himmel Hoch"/The Dove Descending Breaks the Air/A Sermon (Verrett/Discoll/Colicos/Horton//Stravinsky/CBC Symphony Orchestra/The Festival Singers of Toronto)

Arbor Labor Union:  New Petal Instants

Son Lux:  Tomorrows 1

Haydn:  Folksong Arrangements:  Scottish Songs for George Thomson (Lorna Anderson/Jamie MacDougall/Haydn Trio Eisenstadt) (Disc 6)

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Gassmann:  String Quartets in G Major, E Major, B Flat Major, D Major, B Flat Major again & A Major (de Lorenzo/Ensemble Vox Aurae)

Karyn Levitt/Eric Ostling:  Eric Bentley's Brecht-Eisler Song Book

The Flaming Lips:  American Head (this is supposed to be some fantasy about what Tom Petty's early band Mudcrutch sounded like -- but I've heard Mudcrutch, and they weren't anywhere near this good)

Luke Stewart:  Works for Upright Bass and Amplifier

Charles Tolliver:  Connect

Cavalli:  L'Amore Innamorato (Rial/Blažiková//Pluhar/L'Arpeggiata)

Elliot Cole:  Nightflower (really really good)

Parlor Walls:  Heavy Tongue

Rachmaninov:  10 Preludes Nos. 4 & 8/13 Preludes Nos. 7, 9 & 10 /12 Songs No. 5 "Lilacs"/Études-Tableaux Op. 33 No. 3/Études Tableaux Op. 39 Nos. 1, 2, 5/Morceau de Fantasie in G Minor "Delmo"/6 Moments Musicaux Nos. 2 & 4/12 Songs No. 5 "Melodie" (trans. Volodos)/Cello Sonata Movement III (trans. Volodos) (Babayan)

Eduardo Morales-Caso:  Yemanja Sonata//Antón García y Abril:  Timountain//Leonardo Balada:  Caprichos No. 12 (Abstractions of "El Amor Bruja" of Falla)//Laura Vega:  El Hombre que Plantaba Árboles . . .//Cristóbal Halffter:  Espacio de Guitarra//José Luis Greco:  Sweet as Candy:  7 Flavors for Guitar (Adam Levin)

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