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Van Morrison, The Healing Game. One of his later albums, but with some great tracks - the title track, The Burning Ground and This Once Was My Life (with Georgie Fame's call-and-response backing voca

God what an innocent I was (am) - never realised the Sweetest Girl was about H. Will have to try to find my copy now and listen again. And Jacques Derrida - Scritti Politti changed my life - in a sm

Liza, That song you mentioned a while back (you asked if you were crazy to like it), the band's name escapes me, well it's on the radio all the time now and now I like it. (They remind me of Meatloaf,

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Mahler:  Das Knaben Wunderhorn (Schwartzkopf/Fischer-Diskau//Szell/London Symphony Orchestra)

Joni Mitchell:  The Early Years (1963-1967) (Disc 3)

Moszkowski:  Piano Concerto No. 2/From Foreign Lands (Pawlik//Wit/Polish National Radio Symphony (Katowice))

Various:  Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs Present "The Age of Technology" (I'm sorry to those a couple of years younger than me, but I'll never like this early-'80s stuff)

Dis Fig:  Purge

Webern:  Variations//Boulez:  Piano Sonata No. 2//Barraqué:  Piano Sonata//Berg:  Piano Sonata (Loriod)

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22 hours ago, Sneakeater said:

Moszkowski:  Piano Concerto No. 2/From Foreign Lands (Pawlik//Wit/Polish National Radio Symphony (Katowice))

FWIW, this is a style of music -- Late Romantic -- that I have almost no sympathy with.  But I find this quite attractive.

Among other things, I think Wit is a ridiculously underrated conductor.  Even if his forte is the seemingly limited one of Polish orchestral music, the fact is that there are so many underappreciated gems strewn among that repertoire that Wit would be invaluable even only for that.  (And he does other things well as well.)

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Spohr:  Symphonies Nos. 3 & 10/Overture (Griffiths/NDR Radiophilharmonie) (I wanted to listen to some bland, pretty, uninvolving Early Romantic orchestral music -- and by God I did)

Various:  Kraut:  Die Innovativen Jahre des Krautrock 1968-1979 (Teil 1:  Der Norden) (Disc 1) (maybe I listened selectively back in the day, but I don't remember so much Krautrock -- which I thought I liked -- sounding like mediocre mainstream prog and metal)

Sarah Hennies:  Spectral Malsconcities (Bearthoven/Bent Duo)

Christopher Cerrone:  Liminal Highway (Munro/Cerrone) (fuck this is goooood)

Igor Levitt:  Encounters (music for solo piano by Bach-Busoni/Brahms-Busoni/Brahms-Reger/Feldman) (Levitt just can't make an album that isn't fantastic)

de Vivanco:  Missa Assumpsit Jesus etc.  (Hollingworth/De Profundis)

Schmidt:  Symphony No. 4 (P. Järvi/Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra)

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The Everly Brothers:  Down in the Bottom:  The Country Rock Sessions 1966-1968 (Disc 1:  The Hit Sound of the Everly Brothers)

Spohr:  Symphonies Nos. 2 & 8/Concert Overture "Im Ersten Stile" (Griffiths/NDR Radiophilharmonie)

Jim Sullivan:  If the Evening Were Dawn

Will Butler:  Generations

Wet Ink Ensemble:  Glossolalia/Lines on Black

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Joni Mitchell:  The Early Years (1963-1967) (Disc 4)

Vivaldi:  Il Cimento dell'Armonia e dell'Inventione (Beznosiuk/Avison Ensemble)

Haydn:  Folksong Arrangements:  Welsh Songs for George Thomson (Anderson/MacDougall/Haydn Trio Eisenstadt) (Disc 14)

Nat King Cole:  Hittin' the Ramp:  The Early Years 1936-1943 (Disc 5)

Fleetwood Mac:  Live from the Record Plant December 18, 1974 (what's especially poignant is that host Tom Donahue had only a little more than half a year left to live -- but neither he nor anybody else knew it)

Bartók:  The Miraculous Mandarin/Music for Strings, Percussion & Celesta (Dorati/Detroit Symphony Orchestra) (this was one of the signal classical albums of the Early Digital period and, yucky sound aside -- although really it isn't that much of a problem, as Decca, alone among the big classical labels, pretty much got digital right from the very start -- it's easy to see why)

Philip Glass:  Etudes Nos. 2, 6 & 16//Schubert:  Piano Sonata No. 23 (Dinnerstein)

J.C. Bach:  Oboe Concerto/Flute Concerto/Bassoon Concerto (Robson/Brown/Ward//Halstead/Hanover Band)

Ives:  Symphony No. 4 (Dudamel/Los Angeles Philharmonic)

Various:  Kraut!:  Die Innovativen Jahre des Krautrock 1968-1979, Teil 1:  Der Norden (Disc 2)

Machaut:  Messe de Notre Dame (Vellard/Ensemble Gilles Binchois)

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Janácek:  String Quartets Nos. 1 "Kreutzer Sonata" & 2 "Intimate Letters" (Stamitz Quartet) (this is music that's so good you literally can't believe it -- and these bargain-priced performances are marvelous)

Helado Negro:  Island Universe Story Four

Beethoven:  String Quartets Nos. 1-2/String Quartet after Piano Sonata Op. 14 No. 1 (Tokyo String Quartet) (1990s recordings) (when these came out in the early '90s, they struck me as being extraordinarily good [even putting aside that a buddy produced them].  And you know what?  They still do)

The Dream Academy:  the morning lasts all day (remind me:  this was supposed to be good WHY?)

Machaut:  Le Vray Remède d'Amour (Racodon//Vellard/Ensemble Gilles Binchois)


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Palestrina:  Missa Ad Coenam Angi etc. (Rice/Brabant Ensemble) (another of those rare records where, from the first notes, you can tell that everything is working) (people were kind of sick of Palestrina for a while, but I think we can all agree again that he was a supremely great composer)

Burning Star Core:  Operator Dead, Post Abandoned

Everly Brothers:  Down in the Bottom:  The Country Rock Sessions 1966-1968 (Disc 2:  The Everly Brothers Sing (I dunno about country-rock:  this just sounds like first-rate 1967 pop-rock to me)

Porest:  Mood Noose\

Spohr:  Symphonies Nos. 1 & 6/Overture (Griffiths/NDR Radiophilharmonie Hannover) (enjoyable while you're listening to it -- but when it's over you can't remember a thing about it)

Anna Clyne:  Mythologies (Koh/Buckley//Alsop/Oramo/Litton/De Ridder/BBC Symphony Orchestra) (brava!)

Kim Anderson:  Yarrow

Buster Williams & Something More:  Audacity

Bertrand Chamayou:  Good Night!

Cenc Ergun:  Nana (Sö Percussion/JACK Quartet)

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Fasch:  Ouverturre Grosso/Concertos in B Flat & D/Andante in D (Tempesta di Mare)

Black Thought:  Streams of Thought, Vol. 3:  Cane and Abel

Spohr:  Symphonies Nos. 4 & 5/Overture "Der Matrose" (Griffiths/NDR Radiophilharmonie Hannover)

oui ennui:  (nos)+Algebra (God I really love this guy)

John Coltrane:  A Love Supreme (maybe you've heard of this?)

Grateful Dead:  Live at the Capital Theater, Port Chester, NY, February 18, 1971 (SOME bar band)

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Haydn:  24 Minuets (Dorati/Philharmonica Hungarica)

Brahms:  Symphonies Nos. 1 & 3 (Jochum/Berliner Philharmoniker)

Bobby Watson & New Horizon:  Keepin' It Real

Stephanie Lamprea:  Unaccompanied:  Tiny Works for Quarantine Vols. 1-3

Morales:  Officium Defunctorum/Missa Pro Defunctis//Guerrero:  Sacrae Cantiones (Savall/La Capella Reial de Catalunya/Hespèrion XX)

Beethoven:  String Quartets Nos. 3, 4 & 6 (Tokyo String Quartet)

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MC5:  Anthology 1965-1971 (what a great band)

Martinu:  String Quartets Nos. 1 ("French") & 2-3 (Stamitz Quartet)

Prokofiev:  Songs & Romances (Gritskova/Prinz)

Nat King Cole:  Hittin' the Ramp:  The Early Years 1936-1943 (Discs 6 & 7)

Beethoven:  String Quartet No. 5/String Quintet (Zuckerman/Tokyo String Quartet)

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Pla (J., J. & M.):  Oboe Concertos (Bernardini/Zefiro)

William Parker Quartet feat. Leena Conquest:  Raining on the Moon

Messiaen:  Visions de l'Amen/Cantéyodjayâ/Oiseaux Exotiques (Loriod/Messiaen//Albert/Orchestre du Domaine Musical)

Golijov:  Falling Out of Time (Silk Road Ensemble) (it's like he never left)

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