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Van Morrison, The Healing Game. One of his later albums, but with some great tracks - the title track, The Burning Ground and This Once Was My Life (with Georgie Fame's call-and-response backing voca

God what an innocent I was (am) - never realised the Sweetest Girl was about H. Will have to try to find my copy now and listen again. And Jacques Derrida - Scritti Politti changed my life - in a sm

Liza, That song you mentioned a while back (you asked if you were crazy to like it), the band's name escapes me, well it's on the radio all the time now and now I like it. (They remind me of Meatloaf,

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Yep.  I hate that album & never liked anything subsequent.  Didn’t mean that I stopped going to see him.  Hope sprung eternal.  At least he moved on from the really terrible be-bop stuff to just meh easier listening material.

(the above somewhat overstated to encourage others - you know who you are - to take umbrage & disagree).

He was great with melodic stuff but I think he just wanted to always be in the forefront of things and jumpy stuff was having its day in the mid to late 70s.  After that, I just don’t think he cared.

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Magnard:  Symphonies Nos. 2 & 4 (T. Sanderling/Malmö Symphony Orchestra)

Montsalvage:  Manfred/Bric à Brac/Simfonia de Rèquiem (Matheu//Pablo Pérez/Orquestra Sinfonica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya)

Dinomalrus:  Best Behavior (they couldn't have known what a nostalgia item they'd be creating by putting the Domino Sugar factory on the cover)

The Residents:  Eskimo

Victoria:  Veni, Sancte Spiritus/Missa Pro Victoria/Super Flumina Babylonis/Missa Pro Defunctis (Noone/Ensemble Plus Ultra) (unfortunately I've been unable to uncover any connection between Ensemble Plus Ultra director Michael Noone and Peter)

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16 hours ago, Sneakeater said:

So Steve, just to figure this out, do you not like Jack Johnson?

Okay, so you hit the dividing line of me actively not liking what Miles was putting out.  I wasn't a fan of Bitches Brew, but I was still on board.  Then, Jack Johnson came out (btw I have never seen the documentary that this was the soundtrack for) and I was torn.  Not because I liked it that much, just because I was (and am) generally a John McLoughlin fan (in much the same way).  Not the jumpy stuff for him either, but who wouldn't love My Goal's Beyond (around this time) and then Love Devotion Surrender w/Carlos Santana a couple of years later (just after Miles did On the Corner).  At any rate, I saw Jack Johnson as a collaboration with quite a few great artists and, maybe, Miles restrained his impulses enough for the purposes of a documentary.  I don't know -- I was just more forgiving about it.  

The bottom line is that, when I reach to play Miles, its never anything post 71 or 72, except for maybe the one w/Quincy Jones.  

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I thought I liked Tutu and Amandla. Maybe I should double check. But sure. most of what I listen to is On the Corner or earlier -- that's about 50 studio albums.

And while he wouldn't have the status he does have, based on the pop ballads, they're very well done.

Although I never saw him live, I do recall screenings of concerts from the period Steve references (on British TV?), and yes, the back to the audience and occasional squawk was not impressive. Reminds me of Tono Rosario, coming on stage hours late in the early hours of the morning, and then vaguely dancing and conducting his band for another hour before finally singing three or four songs.

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Mick Farren:  Vampires Stole My Lunch Money

Beck:  Symphonies (Ward/Northern Chamber Orchestra)

Beethoven:  String Quartets Nos. 15 & 16 (Busch Quartet) (fuuuuuck)

Arooj Aftab:  Vulture Prince

Beethoven:  Violin Concerto//Mozart:  Violin Concerto No. 5 (Schneiderhan//Jochum/Berliner Philharmoniker) (this recording of the Beethoven actually lives up to its reputation)

Erik Friedlander:  Artemisia

Sunatirene:  Queen Sound

Archie Shepp:  On this Night

Victoria:  Lamentationes Jeremiae (Noone/Ensemble Plus Ultra)


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Archie Shepp:  Fire Music (to say this made an impression on me back in the day would be an understatement)

tUnE-yArDs:  Sketchy.

Schubert:  String Quartet No. 8/Piano Trio No. 2//Mendelssohn:  Capriccio for String Quartet (Busch Quartet/Busch Trio) (it really is hard to believe how great this stuff all is)

Charles Lloyd & the Marvels:  Tone Poem

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