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Dulce de Frijoles...Sweet Bean Dessert

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Yesterday Judy and I went with a friend for comida at my favorite Morelia restaurant, far off the tourist track. When we had finished the main part of our meal, our waiter arrived with dessert on the house. We each got a saucer-ful of thick medium-brown liquid with dark brown lumps in it. What in the world!


The owner came over to explain: it's a specialty of the Tierra Caliente, Michoacán's hot lowlands. Freshly cooked frijoles de la olla (peruanos, in this case) are drained and ground smooth in the blender, along with stick cinnamon. Add whole milk and sugar and raisins, cook over a medium flame until thick. It can be served either cold (as ours was) or hot, like an atole.


Her mother makes it for the family, not for the restaurant, but the owner knew I'd be interested. We all agreed that it was absolutely delicious. I loved eating something I'd never known existed.


You can read about the restaurant here: http://mexicocooks.typepad.com/mexico_cook...restaurant.html

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Very similar habichuelas con dulce readily available from street carts in Washington Heights here. The Dominican version is made with pink beans, and usually has some whole beans and small pieces of potato in it. But it's a dessert. The flavor profile sounds much the same.

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