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What's the big deal about fish milt?

When they serve it in a Japanese restaurant, no one makes a stink about it.

I remember one week I had cod milt in a Japanese restaurant one night and cod roe in an Italian restaurant the next.  I thought I'd give birth to a cod.

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I just finished curing cod roe as if it's karasumi (as the actual karasumi is running out) 

And the best and most ridiculously sized thing ever is fugu milt. It's like the fish version of quail testicles. 

eta: like -  1 pound fish vs cod

今年最後のぜいたくか? | 朝日新聞デジタルマガジン&[and]

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53 minutes ago, MitchW said:

One of the first words I tried!  They really have a problem with many food terms.

I can't make heads or tails out of what food items they accept and which ones they don't. Same with dog breeds. And they don't accept MAZEL either.

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1 hour ago, Sneakeater said:

Years ago I was playing Scrabble with some friends and whatever trumped-up dictionary they were using as an umpire didn't have "nonet".

I mean like what the fuck?

Didn't you have the official Scrabble dictionary?! (Which I can't find right now, but I know it's somewhere).

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Spelling Bee also does not recognize certain dicey words like nappy and bimbo (gigolo is fine, though). And the other day I learned that this 100% legit (albeit unpleasant) word is verboten as well.


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