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Beer Bars (NYC Chapter)

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What Qualifies as a Beer Bar?   I realize that while we have a wine bar thread and a thread on classic old saloons we don’t yet have a thread dedicated to celebrating bars whose prime reason for ex

Hellmann's*. H&M. A&F projected onto Euro eyes - very good (used to be Levi's in the 80s/early 90s)!   * Is Wilfrid secretly working for Stella too. :duck:

well Bud is also from the same maker...

Hit Happy Hour and a Blue Grass Band Saturday afternoon at Randolph Beer on Broome just off Elizabeth. 30 or so beers on tap plus a special reserve list. Looked like a decent menu too. Had an Eastern Standard IPA by Peekskill Brewing Company which is a really good IPA. And only $4 during Happy Hour. :D


Based on your post Deb and I hit this place on Saturday afternoon. (The foul weather made walking around really unappealing.)


We got there at about 2 and had the bar to ourselves for awhile. The tables were about half occupied. By 4:00 when we left the bar was about 90% occupied and a lot more people were at the tables.


The beer list was extensive but it was early in the day and I didn't want to overdo it. We drank slowly. I had a Green Flash IPA which was probably a touch more bitter than I like and than a Lagunitas Lil Sumpin pale ale. Easier drinking but a bit light. I sound like Goldilocks. The beer list is long enough so if we had stayed longer I definitely could have found something I'd really like.


There was a 6 man bluegrass band and they were terrific. Professional quality. Actually, they were the reason we went. I love bluegrass and there aren't many opportunities to hear it in NYC. I could easily see myself getting back to this place once a month.


BTW, the band plays from 1:30 to 5:30.


Mitchells, thanks again.

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