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NFL 2009

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There seems to be an assumption that the Giants are not cutting Plaxico, and that he will receive only a 4-game suspension by the league (and no jail time by the govt).   The Eagles still haven't s

ya, word on the street was that it would take a qb + 2 first round picks. i think most people agree he has the tools to be special. he just needs to get his act together a little - but remember he's

What was with all the commercials with all the unattractive men in their underwear?



That was discussed in depth at the party I attended. The highlights of which were three and five year old sisters boogeying down to the halftime show and cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar. There were slightly salty chocolate ones that were da bomb.

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Early on, there were two "people in underwear" commercials back-to-back. I'm sure that pissed off the sponsors. Most of the women at my place said they'd prefer more Go Daddy commercials to another scrawny guy in his boxers.

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My 13 year old stepdaughter reacted to the first underwear ad with an "ewwww gross!" the second one caused her to leave the room.


she did enjoy The Who at halftime however. She was impressed to see senior citizens rocking it out.


I showed her some more vintage Who footage from youtube later just to assure her that they really could do it at one time.



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