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I think there are a substantial number of orchards with SweetTango in NY state. It's a hybrid of the Honeycrisp and the Zestar. Depending on when they started in the orchards the production numbers may still be small.


I hate the name.

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I'm a Honey Crisp gal but I've got a friend looking for Grafenstein. Anyone heard of them?   What do you think makes the best apple sauce? Apple pie? Apple crisp?

Had my first honeycrisp this weekend. Very good.

I tried a variety of apple from New Zealand called Envy. I loved it--it's like honey in an apple. If you like tartness in your apples, you probably won't like these, though.


A little more expensive than other varieties (at least in my area), but I'd pay the premium because it would help me eat more apples (generally, apples are one of my least favourite fruits).

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I have a fridge filled with Winesaps and empire apples. Sadly, these will be the last pickings of the season.


On another note, the local grocer had pink pearl apples. The pink flesh amused my older kid, but at $5 a pound, I had to pass.

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