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so, as some of you know, we spent five weeks in bombay this winter, followed by five weeks in seoul. all my bombay reports have gone up on my blog (i'll start a thread for them at some point) but the seoul reports are still in progress. we ate one meal out on most days. almost all of our eating out was towards the casual end of the spectrum. but we did also eat at three places that currently sport michelin stars. i'll kick this thread off with a link to the first of those that we ate at--and the only one of the three i've yet reported on--as i think that's what's most likely to be of interest to people her: mingles. they currently have two michelin stars and were recently the highest ranked korean restaurant in the stupid "asia's 50 best restaurants" list. i'm guessing this means the price--already high--will go up even more by the time we get to seoul next. anyway, here's my detailed report on our lunch, which we thought was really rather excellent.

how this approach to high-end korean cuisine compares to the exemplars in new york, i have no idea. maybe those of you who have eaten at those places can provide points of comparison to the meal i describe. (and, of course, this meal was quite a bit cheaper than eating at the high-end korean places in new york.)

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