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Natasha Richardson, Dead at 45

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Mont Tremblant is quite close to here; it sounds like she is getting appropriate care in Montreal. That one report was really over the top. Other reports sound like she has a serious concussion.


Oh bugger, apparently not.

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Wow! Some things are so random and uncertain. I have a friend who was in a bad smash up recently. She was in a coma for 10 days and speculation was she'd have brain damage. Came out of the coma and her brain is fine. Her body, however, is really compromised.

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CNN is reporting Richardson's transfer from Montreal to the somewhere in the US. That seems odd if she's is in a critical condition, no?

That does seem odd, though they may be moving her somewhere that has a peerless head-trauma facility.

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According to the CBC, her PR people say that an official statement on her updated condition will be issued tomorrow. Sacre Coeur hospital has confirmed she is on a private plane with medics on board; they did not say the destination but it is believed to be New York.

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