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the other day we found ourselves with a car and time on our hands while returning from a trip with friends. i remembered that a newish pizza place in Bushwick, which had an impressive xmas menu. unass

Not just the beer - everything down to dessert wines.

Very recently someone who's taste I trust told me there is some serious cooking coming out of this kitchen. Initially I thought it was a joke but apparently not.

No way. At normal times and everything?


Absolutely. It'll only be cheese curds and rat droppings and you'll need to eat everything sitting on a compost heap off Houston Street, but it'll be as democratic as the US legislative process.




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Per Eater:


...the menu which includes, at the moment, an eggplant sandwich, a cheeseburger, a salad, a few beverages, and Milk Bar cookies. According to the Lab's site, they will host "events, programs, experiments, and more" and plan on addressing "issues of contemporary urban life through programs and public discourse.





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Jessikka's comment reminded me that I never wrote up my tasting menu meal or the non-pizza regular menu meal that preceded it by about a week. I don't know if the disparity in quality between the two meals is normal but the normal meal was bad enough that I had to argue with my wife to keep the reservation for the tasting menu. I did think the tasting menu deserved all of the praise it gets here FWIW.

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Are two stars enough to put up for the trouble of getting to eat the tasting menu?


Not to me, they're not. Just another case of "Why review something that is so little available?" Why? for the chic exclusivity of it. Not for any useful purpose.


I think you might be parsing that incorrectly


For eight people a week, Roberta’s is a three-star restaurant, no matter the paper napkins or hard wooden seats. For many more in the neighborhood, collapsing into the room after a long afternoon or evening of dancing or making art, it is an amazing one-star one: a place for pizza and a beer. And for the rest of us, staring at the subway map, tracing our fingers east along the L line? Roberta’s and Mr. Mirarchi: two stars.


again, if you can use email its really not a hassle. Not open table level, but easier than doing ye old "call at 10 AM two months out" routine.


(BTW the 8 people this week are MF'ers or FoMF'ers). My ressy is tomorrow.

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