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the other day we found ourselves with a car and time on our hands while returning from a trip with friends. i remembered that a newish pizza place in Bushwick, which had an impressive xmas menu. unass

Not just the beer - everything down to dessert wines.

Very recently someone who's taste I trust told me there is some serious cooking coming out of this kitchen. Initially I thought it was a joke but apparently not.

Was with Miss A while she went on Heritage Radio last night.. Afterwards, we had a few bites to eat with a group of people.. I was rather distracted and not hungry and a lot of people were ordering.. I had a few bites of things but, one thing that was super memorable was their homemade orrecchiette with chicken livers.. The perfectly made with chicken liver.. Their salad romaine salad was perfectly seasoned and spicy.. and I being a Pdutch guy, loved how they marinated their olives in Cider Vinegar.. The one thing I ordered, the waitress did not put through..


All in all, it was a lot of fun.. I have noticed that the 90's are back in a big way.. Even the bartender proclaimed, oh my god I wish I lived in the 90's, i feel everything was just so much more cool then.. Meanwhile, several of the male workers were rocking long, crimped hair, a la Brett Michaels, or Jimmy Super Fly Snuka.. Hair styles like 87-92 Hairbands meet similar era wrestlers.. So that was cool to check in to see what's cool now..


I want to go back and get my own plate of orrecchiette.

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I saw a couple of horrifying stories recently by Millennials who wished they could be dating in the '90s. No, I wanted to tell them, you are mistaken.

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Details please. There haven't been any substantive posts in this thread for over a year (and even those were less than encouraging). Is Roberta's still worth a visit? Since you didn't mention anything other than the pizza, my guess would be not so much.

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I had a charred romancesco dish, oxtail ragu over pasta, and some of a grilled pork and beans dish, none of which were very good. the duck prosciutto was very nice. we weren’t offered a big steak.


we picked it over ops because the menu is broader but I’m sure I’ll go to ops or ichiran next time I’m in the area.

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