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Best Pastrami in NYC?

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NY Times reports on its adventure to find the "best pastrami" in NYC.


The Mill Basin deli says:


Our Chopped Liver couldn't be fresher and our Matzo Balls are better than grandma's. Mill Basin Kosher Delicatessen and Fine Art Gallery, Brooklyn's Premiere Kosher Deli has been owned by Mark Schachner for the past 30 years and has established itself as an attraction to visit while in New York, because of it's Great Kosher cuisine and it's world class gallery exhibiting works by many Masters of today including a collection of original works by Erte, the father of Art Deco, that rivals the collection of the Metropolitan Museum in New York, turn of the century posters by Alphonse Mucha and 3-D works by James Rizzi, as well as works by Roy Lichtenstein, Marc Chagall and other great artists.



NYT: Mill Basin Deli



A long ride for a sandwich

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We've been going (and taking people) for most of my life. The owner is an avid art collector of very well known stuff (Erte especially) and has lined the walls with an everchanging array, worthy of a museum or gallery, if you like that stuff. Culcha, as we say in Brooklyn. Although the pastrami is not as good as Katz' and the chopped liver not as good as the old 2nd Ave Deli (I'm not quite sure about the new one's product but I'll keep testing), the food there is a strong top 5 in just about every deli category, & includes Dr. Brown Cel-Ray and Black Cherry sodas. I wouldnt come to Mill Basin from the Bronx or NJ unless desperate, but it's definitely well worth a stop if playing tennis in Marine Park or visiting Brooklyn.

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I love the Mill Basin Deli! All their deli meats are first-rate. But my favorite is the knoblewurst. Sensational! Definitely better than Katz's'.


I agree. But, then again, once you get past the pastrami its not hard being better than Katz'.

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My parents have a friend back in the old neighborhood who keeps kosher, and whenever they visit her they go to Mill Basin Deli. They were even front and center in a picture that accompanied a newspaper review some years ago.

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Has there been any talk about the pastrami at the reincarnated 2nd Ave. Deli? My last pastrami sandwich at Katz's was sub-par for the first time.


I've been to the reincarnated 2nd Ave. Deli once. I specifically requested very fatty pastrami, and what I received had next-to-no fat and was dry. Blech!




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Back (today) to the Mill Basin Kosher Deli, for the 2nd time in a few months.


We like the pastrami, and they serve it on better rye than Katz's or My Brisket House (which isn't very difficult).


The matzo ball soup was fine, too, and not a bit too salty, which we find is usually the case.


But what was really great?




The potato latke "crisps!"


And also, on the same damn block (who knew except maybe Lex and Steve R.?)...




Fabulous ices. And as the jocular owner (24 years!) will tell you, not water ices like Lemon Ice King.


Really, really great.

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