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Demy -- a Kindle for the Kitchen?

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A) Key Ingredient is a woefully limited recipe source.

B) If I want to use a recipe from the internet, I either scribble down the key points, or print it. Or drag my laptop into the kitchen.

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I'm kinda open to this idea if I could scan in all the boxes of recipe clippings. With time and inspiration, we could do this anyway with any ole computer. Install it into a kitchen cabinet over your work area. I, gulp, admit to now Googling more recipes than I go look for physically in old files and cookbooks. But most of all I like to print out the recipe then go sit for a while and mull it over in my head for variations on a theme. May do this for hours or days before actually entering the kitchen.

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This device was mentioned last night at a panel presented by Women's National Book Association, by the Publishers Weekly editor responsible for the item I linked to. She sounded pretty lukewarm about it. About the best thing she had to say was that someone (one of the Key Ingredient people, iirc) says that she can dunk the whole thing in water to wash it off. Other than that, not much enthusiasm. And it was pointed out that the folks whose recipes can be downloaded receive no royalties in spite of the cost to download. :angry:


And re: Kindle and why cookbooks are not available: the way pages are set up to print is different from regular all-text pages, and the technology to deal with that isn't there yet.

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