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New York Pizza

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I had one slice there standing up and one sitting down.   I'm sorry, but I enjoyed eating the slice sitting down more.

Isn't it mouthfuls canon that slices and bagels are better in the burbs? This feels pretty obvious to me.   (also obviously Jersey sucks, but that so self-evident I feel like even mentioning it migh

Hot take. Pizza best eaten standing up or at home.

went to Difarra's yesterday.. First time I had gone where Dom wasn't working... It is probably the most inefficiently run kitchen I have ever seen... One thing that was funny was, when you ask for a pie with say pepperoni, they take the pizza out of the oven mid cooking and will top it with the pizza half hanging out of the oven with the oven doors open... They have three ovens, one was on, they were cooking like 4 pies at a time... Brother and sister were fighting, there were like no stations, no order, a lot of running around and commotion and very little pizza being cooked... It reminds me of Santillo's in that way except, santillo's is making pizzas faster even if he is giving a lot of pies away to the wrong people.. 


It was strange, we pre-ordered and still waited an hour.. They were saying Alicia's order for the hour we waited, the named changed to Alice, then Angie... And in the hour I was there, I am serious when I say, there were no more than 10 customers served in that time... It's commical and frustrating.. I got a slice while we waited for our pies, it was cut like a rhombus, it was pretty good, it was super greasy, I am really looking forward to heating up the pizza....  People literally waiting an hour and only ordered one slice..  Who are these people. 


But, yeh, I can see when Dad is working, old guy, one man show, there is an excuse for a slow process but, really they should be working three times as fast... There are literally three times the amount of people... 


I posted a photo of the place and Wilf asked, where is the line, there was not even a long line and I called ahead and it was still an hour and there was maybe 30 people waiting all together.... Mind boggling..  Almost as mind boggling when you hear "two slices and two squares, that will be 22 dollars. "

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Went to a place called Milk Flower the other day.. It's located in Astoria.. Milk flower of course has Italian Meaning..  So, we were on our way to eat some Greek Food but, the photos of this place looked too good to pass up. 


I must say, this is some of the best Pizza Neapolitan i have had in recent memory..  It was almost reminiscent of Una Pizza Neapolitan but the pie was smaller and the toppings less traditional. It was Neapolitan and sturdy, where there was no flop.. the dough was soft and airy and crisp.   This is an expertly made pizza pie. 


We started with their jumbo shrimp in garlic sauce.. Interestingly enough, they only have on hood for the pizza oven.. So, there is a back kitchen on induction burners where they make pasta at night.. For lunch, they make salads, octopus and shrimp.. THe shrimp appeared were cooked prior and then before being served are light up with a blow torch.. They were really good, lots of garlic, tasty shrimp







The wine list is American, new world.. They tried to keep the bottles under 60 bucks.. mainly californian, i think it's a miss here.. The two or three glasses we tried tasted of oak, peach, or vanilla.  I don't know why the pigeon holded themselves like that. But, whatever. 


The pizza.. Jax man got the margherita.. It was bright and delicious... 




We ordered the Wu-Tang, which was the clam pie.. It was so garlicky and clammy.. Lots of chopped clams and garlic.. i couldn't tell what was garlic, what was clam.. It was fantastic with some chiles.. 




Miss A already wants to go back.. If you are in to Neapolitan style pizza, this should be on your list.  It's one of our favorites. 

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went to Paulie G's slice shop Friday night.. As dumb luck would have it, we got bar seats immediately.. We sat at the bar and ordered pizza and a beer.. We tried the white slice, their square slice and the pepperoni with honey.. Allow me to say again, i do not like pepperoni on my pizza.. It takes away from the pizza and it becomes all about the pepperoni.. 


I figured out, if there is a long line for slices there, you can go to the bar, ordered pizza with the bartender and get a beer.  it will cost you more but, potentially save you 30 minutes of your life. 

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I went to Una Pizza Napoletana on Saturday.  Had the anchovies to start (fine) and a margherita pizza.  The pizza was probably the best Neapolitan style pie I've ever eaten.  Everything about it was perfect -- the crust, the char, the sauce, the cheese, the basil, the sea salt they finished it with.


Two minor complaints:

1. It's not cut, which was unusual for me, but I powered through.

2. Eating a pie by oneself, since it takes a little longer than sharing one, results in the crust being fairly chewy by the end.


Gelato was also great.  I didn't look closely at my bill but I think I was comped the gelato and one of my two glasses of wine.  Place was 60% empty on Saturday at 8PM.

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Allow me to say again, i do not like pepperoni on my pizza.. It takes away from the pizza and it becomes all about the pepperoni.. 



We make a simple red pie: tomato, garlic, grated parm, chile, oregano, olive oil.  No mozz.  Every few months I convince myself I'd prefer it with pepperoni and every time I'm wrong.

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