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Las Vegas dining updates please!

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My girlfriends and I are getting ready for our annual trip to Vegas! They've picked the new Wynn Encore to stay at this year and I'm in charge of restos. I'm thinking about maybe doing a chef's table

I talked to DB today and they offer the 'Taste of Wynn" early bird menu at 5:30, 6, 6:30. We are going at 6 on Monday. As much as I truly value Evelyn's advice, the DB menu worked best for us given h

The 'cue place I was remembering at the Rio is the Vegas branch of RUB, which I thought was pretty good. I still haven't been to their NYC branch.

I've only eaten there once. With friends who chose it. How they opted for it, I do not know...because they are the AYCE types 🙄.  Thankfully, they didn't decide we should just leave. But, it was an abbreviated meal. I really enjoyed the uni pasta. Please let me know how a "real" meal is there.

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Back after 6 days in Las Vegas.  1st stop was the Nomad Bar before the Silk Sonic show. Drinks were quite good but nothing else is worth a trip. Big service flop, our burgers showed up before the oysters.  Place was virtually empty at 8PM on a Friday. Do not miss Silk Sonic if you have a chance to see it. Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak are exceptional and its almost not fair how much fun it looks like they are having performing. 

Next night was Robata En. We went for the Omakase and it didn't disappoint. Sashimi was very good, especially the sea trout. Uni pasta, short ribs, miso cod among the better dishes. They were understaffed so service was a bit spotty but everyone left happy. 

Night 3 was Nobu at the Virgin Hotel pre-Jason Isbell concert.  We had limited time and our waiter did an excellent job coordinating the dishes ordered to come out at the perfect pace. This was much better than expected, especially the sashimi. Jason Isbell didn't suck either.

Din Tai Fung at Aria with a group of 10. Excellent place to go with a large group as it didn't feel we were in a hotel, more like being in a real dim sum restaurant. Dumplings were universally good. Soup dumplings seemed small compared to the ones I'm used to but still delicious. Other dishes, especially the vegetables were all quite good and fresh. Service was spot on and the Tsing Tao beers went down easy. 

Bardot Brasserie at Aria. All fine except for a poorly made Old Fashioned. Bartender simply poured the ingredients in a glass with an ice cube so the drink was not cold. WTF. Steak tartare and fish stew were better than average. Profiteroles with banana cream was very good. Place was hopping, especially at the bar during happy hour. 

Breakfast every day was at Zen Kitchen in the Waldorf next to Aria. Very civilized, many choices and everything was well prepared as it should be with an average price of a breakfast dish at $25+.  

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Probably a question for @Evelyn. Where is your go to high end sushi restaurant in Las Vegas. I've had great meals at Kabuto and Yui but those were years ago.  Kame? 

Also, how is Kaiseki Yuzu understanding it is not a sushi restaurant? 

Thank you!

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Kabuto is my go to. Yui is #2.

Can’t help you with that question. But if you decide you want kaiseki on one of your visits, I suggest Kaiseki Sanga (sister of Kabuto).

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I kind of chatted my way into making my own menu from the tasting menus. They like the surprise thing. I explained I didn't. So My waiter and I came to an understanding, which did involve supplements for some dishes. Another note re Partage. They rented the space next door. And are opening Grand Cru by Partage. It too will have tasting menus. But also have a strong focus on more "serious" wines. It is supposed to open in February.


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I dunno.  To me the problem with tasting menus isn't usually the lack of choice.  It's the format.

Too many small dishes that are finished as soon as you start instead of a few courses that you can dig into.

It wouldn't be any better -- for ME -- if I got to choose the courses.  Indeed, I kind of like being forced to try things I might not otherwise choose.

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so my best friend has to spend a lot of money on a meal in vegas but wants to eat well. does anyone have an opinion about robuchon vs. guy savoy? is there something else he should consider? it has to be kind of vulgar to win the pissing contest he's in. I don't think he'd enjoy carbone. 

apart from that he's gonna go to raku. is lotus of siam still good?

are any of the fancy chinese restaurants in the casinos actually good?


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Raku and Lotus are both still excellent. If he wants the full on sushi experience though, he needs to go to Kabuto and sit at the sushi bar (reservation only). In the same plaza as Raku. But hard to make the dollar requirement. It's reasonable. Yui has A-5 beef, so if it hinges on cost, then Yui.

Fine dining Chinese- Jasmine in the Bellagio. Gorgeous restaurant. Stellar food and service. Also very pricey. Worth every dollar. 

Carbone= meh. It's not pricey in comparison, but Ferraro's (which is a stone's throw from the Flamingo location of LoS, is IMO the best Italian in town. If he is out to drop cash though, Vetri Cucina at The Palms is also very good. Also stellar views from the 56th floor. And the menu pricing is definitely heftier than Ferraro's.

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Honestly, he can run up any check here in LV at one of the major hotels easily. Wine pricing is obscene. But will accomplish his mission in a heartbeat. Other $$$$$, but with good food and service:

If he can get a reservation--Delilah.


Prime Steak





Mizumi at the Wynn



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