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Thought this may act as a useful diary and motivation for the more slothful of our members   But, today, bugger all. too hungover from Rhodes.   Tomorrow is another day   S

Good session today with my trainer   All lower body, core stability and lower back   Jumps ( involving starting from a seated position on a bench and leaping to a standing position on a raised ste

today, an old boxer's running programme carried out early in the morning when glycogen ( sp?) stores are low and so aids fat burning. It creates a metabolism spike that lasts until about midday   1

Fucking belly. You'd think 15 years of sucking it in to try and look good would have given me a washboard stomach but nooooooo! I've lost 25lbs and am running 10Ks and have been doing crunches and what-not but I still have a freakin' belly thing going on, man. This sucks.


Thing is, I'm not necessarily looking for a six-pack, at least not yet. I don't even mind a little bit of fat on there. It's the slackness of the muscles, that determined lassitude they exhibit, that I want to demolish.

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upper body today


dumbell bench press with 30lbs 4 sets 12 reps

incline dumbell press with 30lbs 4 sets 12 reps

Seated overhead dumbell shoulder press 25lbs 4 sets 12 reps


low cable back row 4 sets 12 reps 80lbs


upright row 55lbs 4 sets 12 reps


cable tricep pulldown 35lbs 4 sets 12 reps

spider biceps curls from preacher bench 40lbs 4 sets 12 reps


good feeling to be finished.



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I have this sneaking suspicion that scamhi could kick al our butts.  At the same time.

Speak for yourself fatboy

I knew that would flush you out from the woodwork!


So is someone going to reassure me that continued working out will, eventually, flatten out my abs, at least as far as the muscles themselves go? Let's forget the fat, for the moment. Hmmmm?

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