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Thought this may act as a useful diary and motivation for the more slothful of our members   But, today, bugger all. too hungover from Rhodes.   Tomorrow is another day   S

Good session today with my trainer   All lower body, core stability and lower back   Jumps ( involving starting from a seated position on a bench and leaping to a standing position on a raised ste

today, an old boxer's running programme carried out early in the morning when glycogen ( sp?) stores are low and so aids fat burning. It creates a metabolism spike that lasts until about midday   1

Except for a walk to Manhattan during the strike, until this week I had done nothing since late October. Not exercising becomes a vicious cycle. Without exercise, I have less energy and need more sleep, which makes it hard to get up to exercise. But my little running gang is almost all back together and we're training for the Brooklyn half-marathon. And mr. coach suggested I pick up heavy things, put them down, and pick them up again to prepare for this summer's tri season. I don't mind weight training, but it makes me long for my college gym, a place that was pleasantly devoid of hairy men grunting like hippos and making a sweaty mess of whatever they touch. (Not everyone grunts, but why does anyone have to? Really.)


Cardio does go fast. In the past it has returned quickly, though. I hope that is still the case.


Getting in a pool right now would not be pretty...

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welcome back fantasty.

Get a set of headphones and music to eliminate grunt noises


upper body today

Starting over- much less weight

4 sets flat bench

4 sets flat bench with close grip for triceps

4 sets incline dumbell press

4 sets shoulder press

4 sets low cable row

4 sets rear deltoid on the pec deck

4 sets lat cable pull downs

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finished the workout week in fine fashion

Lower body

warm up 10 min on the step mill speed training course...got my juices flowing


4 sets leg press

4 sets power squat

4 sets glute machine

4 sets single leg hamstring curl


4 sets seated shoulder press from smith machine


4 sets hip Abduction

4 sets hip Adduction


REST mañana

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me again...

10 min warm up on the step mill speed intervals level 14

upper body

4 sets flat bench

4 sets close grip flat bench- for triceps

4 sets seated dumbell shoulder press

4 sets rear deltoid on pec deck

4 sets lat pull down

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In my soccer game on Sunday I scored the first goal of my entire life. We won the game 8-5. We're now 3-0 for the season.


I like indoor much better than outdoor (in part because we're winning). The ball is softer, you can use the walls, and the field is much smaller so there's lots of sprinting but not lots of jogging. Also, since the court is so small everyone gets to touch the ball. In outdoor I mostly ran back and forth and never saw any action.

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