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SportLegs (a supplement). This stuff is awesome. I used it when skiing this year. Because I didn't get out much, I was pretty weak. The day I took Sportlegs, I was able to stay out for about 2 hours longer than I would have otherwise. I paid for it the next day, though.


Haven't tried it biking yet, but I'm going for my maiden ride of '06 this afternoon, and I'll give it a try.

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Thought this may act as a useful diary and motivation for the more slothful of our members   But, today, bugger all. too hungover from Rhodes.   Tomorrow is another day   S

Good session today with my trainer   All lower body, core stability and lower back   Jumps ( involving starting from a seated position on a bench and leaping to a standing position on a raised ste

today, an old boxer's running programme carried out early in the morning when glycogen ( sp?) stores are low and so aids fat burning. It creates a metabolism spike that lasts until about midday   1

scamhi, Cytomax works for me.


When I was still swimming, drinking Cytomax during and after a workout v. not drinking Cytomax was the difference between not being sore and being sore the next day. I still use it - I get it at Jackrabbit or R+A.


I know many triathletes who swear by Accelerade or Powerade. They have protein in them, Cytomax doesn't. If I want protein after a workout or race I'd rather eat it than drink it.


Today I went for an 8-mile run w/my best childhood friend, on our home turf. It was a perfect day for it though we hit a mean headwind towards the end.

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Shoulders, plus 20 minutes of jump rope


Warm-up: 1 set of overhead presses, 10reps

4 sets of overhead dumbbell presses, 10 reps

4 sets of side shoulder dumbbell lifts, 10 reps

4 sets of bent-over dumbbell raises, 10 reps

4 sets of front shoulder dumbbell raises, 10 reps

4 sets of military press on the machine, 10 reps

4 drop sets of shoulder shrugs with dumbbells, 15 reps

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Belly dance boot camp.


This teacher is starting to annoy me.


Shut the hell up and teach already, will ya? I'm here to get a workout and learn some moves, not to hear your whining about the subway.



That's exactly my feeling about a handful of fitness classes that I've been to at Equinox. Certain instructors for some reason feel the need to keep up the inane chatter all through class. Seems to happen mostly in pilates classes, which is why I now prefer the "bootcamp" type classes where they keep the chatter to a minimum and just yell at me to move my flabby butt, much more conducive to my general fitness goals.

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