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I just joined a new gym. The technology is ludicrous :lol:


I have this key with a chip in it which logs me in to the gym, opens and locks a locker, tells me what my programme for the day is, controls the machines I work on to run my programme automatically, adds up all the metrics of the exercises I've completed, and prints a report of the progress I've made.


I just have to find out how it makes restaurant reservations and pre-orders my food, and I'll be all set :lol:

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we have a precor stretch-ey-machine. I use it occasionally it is effective.


woohoo! i couldnt wait...so i did a quick peek-in saturday evening..


it goes like this..


warm up/stretch


core stability:

ironman(???...basically holding oneself parallel to the floor...inhale/30s..exhale/30s..twice)

pelvic bridge

some ball thingy

standing on one leg(i am supposed to do it with eyes closed..difficult, you better believe it...)

this is all very interesting. and most importantly low impact.


cardio 30-60mts


abs(i am supposed to be holding off on this for the first three weeks..at least. i insisted on this. when i can get back to crunches/squats/push-ups, i know i am back in shape)


cool down/stretch(not precor, but floor stretching)


i was also eyeing the rowing machine. my first piece of equipment at age 19. everyone suggested a treadmill, but i fell in love with the rower..and i still do think that its a total body workout..and not as hard on the knees as a treadmill. i never liked treadmills. but my trainer thinks i should stay away from the rowing machine too. he has put me on something called a wind jammer. it makes me want to giggle.


i did get breathless tho'... i have been travelling and am currently on allergy medications. so wheezingly, i am progressing, but not much. i am terribly out of shape. i have a few more years of activity left in me(at least) and i have a list of mountains to climb. i'd sell my soul(all over again) for youth. one never appreciates it when one has it. i especially miss the ability to put whatever i fancy into my mouth AND digest it. now instead of eating, i might as well smear it over my thighs and hips!

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Chest/triceps workout yesterday:


Flat bench

Decline bench

Dumbell flys on fit ball

Incline dumbell press

Cable pushdowns

Skull crsuhers



Followed by oblique raises and crunches on the ball.


Nice n' sore this morning :lol:

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