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Yes, bodyweight squats.


I stopped going to the gym after failing to find one in my area that didn't have too many men who act like Borat's relatives. An all women's gym was another option, but I'm not sure what's worse- men who behave like Borat because there are women around or women who behave like Borat because there are no men around. It was a test of how socially tolerant I like to think I am. I'm not ashamed to say I failed.


The one machine I miss is this one


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Thought this may act as a useful diary and motivation for the more slothful of our members   But, today, bugger all. too hungover from Rhodes.   Tomorrow is another day   S

Good session today with my trainer   All lower body, core stability and lower back   Jumps ( involving starting from a seated position on a bench and leaping to a standing position on a raised ste

today, an old boxer's running programme carried out early in the morning when glycogen ( sp?) stores are low and so aids fat burning. It creates a metabolism spike that lasts until about midday   1

Yesterday- light weights, squats, lunges, etc...


Today- jump roping. I'm aiming for 4 sets of 100-150 at a time.


I can't imagine getting back into jogging until the kids go back to school. I've never been much of a jogger though, more like run walking/jogging.

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since back from vacation I have a renewed interest in the gym and some extra lbs.

went 5X last week

aiming to 5-6times per week.


Today cardio

50 min elliptical round the world program level 10- 4.5miles

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It's too hard for me to stay self-motivated so I finally broke down and joined the most expensive gym in my area.They're having a special this month, the initiation fee which is normally $200 is reduced to $24. It's big, clean, and free of Borat and his relatives.


I worked out for an hour or so on nautilus and free motion machines. Tomorrow cardio and yoga.

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one hour tennis lesson, followed by 25 minutes of stairmaster, followed by free weights for the back (lat pulldowns, seated rows, and upright rows).


I'm averaging 4 days per week in the gym doing cardio and free weights, and then one long run over the weekend. I've also decided to pick up tennis again for some exercise that is fun.

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About an hour at the gym. 15 or so minutes of ab work, then 45 minutes of interval cardio (low attention span cardio), I was aiming for an hour but got that "OMG, I feel like I am going to die" feeling at the 40 minute mark. Then I realized it was past noon and I had not eaten anything all day.


I think it will take me about 3-4 weeks to get back into pre-injury shape.

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